Pyaar Ke Papad 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Omkar getting sack home. Jagat and Mangal endeavor to shroud the sack. Gupta asks him what’s happening. Jagat says Mangal did this, its not Omkar’s mix-up. Gupta gets their falsehood and chastens them for their stupidity. Shivika protects them. She says I have seen such sack in Seth ji’s home. Omkar says it implies he is identified with this. He asks Jagat and Mangal not to do anything. Mangal says it implies somebody offered this to us purposefully, we should toss the sack some place and end the issue. Mangal attempts to conceal the sack.

Kishore sees them and calls Triloki to educate him. Triloki asks Kishore to keep an eye and catch them, with the goal that they can drop the marriage. Shivika says I will remain here and hang tight for you, Sweety will get irate seeing me. Omkar says on the off chance that I get late, think I m stuck in an unfortunate situation. He goes in and sees the improvements. He sees Sweety decked up as the lady of the hour. Sweety says I won’t let you go anyplace today. Omkar endeavors to escape. Kishore comes there. Shivika goes into the house and sees beautifications. She says what’s this, where is Omkar. She glances around. Omkar yells Shivika. She sees numerous sacks inside the room. Omkar covers up in the washroom. He calls Shivika and requests that her spare him. She says Seth ji is running unlawful business of medications. He says simply come and spare me. Mangal and Jagat attempt to dump the sacks and flee. Kishore and Triloki look on. Triloki shrouds his face and goes to get some information about the sacks. He requests that they pick the sacks.

Sweety asks Omkar to turn out. Omkar goes to her and expresses profound gratitude for doing this for me. She says I adore you and embraces him. He says what you need doesn’t occur this way. She asks is there anything incorrectly, let me know. He says indeed, simply think. She considers. Shivika takes pics of the sacks. Mangal says I think I heard this voice. Jagat says all issues look same. Triloki asks what’s inside the sacks. Mangal inquires as to for what reason do you give it a second thought. Triloki says I reserve an option to ask, let me know. Jagat says tend to your very own concerns. They contend. Mangal and Jagat flee with the sacks. Triloki says now police will discover their reality, call the police. Sweety says I have put the ghunghat. Shivika comes to take him. Sweety chides her. Omkar and Shivika figure out how to run. Manga and Jagat return home with the sacks, and says we couldn’t dump it. Police comes and reprimands him.

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Precap Upcoming Pyaar Ke Papad Episode Update: Alankar says I m going to come to Kanpur. Omkar says we both won’t carry out a responsibility after marriage, we will simply adore. Triloki says Alankar is coming, we need to make Omkar and Shivika away.


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