Pyaar Ke Papad 13th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Shivika and circle of relatives gambling dumb charades. Chachi receives excited and names the movies of her times. Shivika symptoms to them. They don’t apprehend. Suhana says time up, its over. Jagat says fine, now inform the name. Shivika says Kabir Singh. They talk about the new movie. Chachi asks Shivika to offer difficult call to the alternative group. Suhana enacts. they are trying to realize. Omkar understands it soon and wins. He hugs Suhana.

Shivika sees them and goes to make tea. Omkar appears on. Alankar involves Shalu. He says your goals will get fulfilled. She gets angry over Triloki. He asks her no longer to tell this about her dad. He asks her to satisfy her dreams, as soon as she succeeds, absolutely everyone will take delivery of it. He asks her to get married or satisfy her dreams. She is of the same opinion to meet her goals. He asks her to head and give the audition, he’s together with her. She thanks him. He asks her to make an excuse at domestic.

Suhana involves Shivika and offers help. Shivika says I do Omkar’s paintings. Suhana says I m no longer a guest, supply me a hazard too. She irons Omkar’s shirt. Dolly calls Shivika. Shivika tells about Omkar’s friend Suhana. Dolly asks did he have any lady pal, did they have an affair. Shivika says no, it was complex. Dolly asks what’s this courting, hold Suhana far from Omkar. Shivika says its nothing like that, this lady doesn’t appear to be that, I had a doubt on him but he cleared all the doubts, Suhana is glamorous. Dolly asks her to maintain an eye on them. She says I do believe Omkar. Shivika says I ought to make lunch now. Alankar receives Shalu for an audition. She receives anxious.

GST and Dolly have a controversy about Suhana. they have got a second. Dolly asks GST to provide an explanation for Omkar that he shouldn’t be pals with Suhana. GST says Suhana won’t affect Omkar and Shivika’s relation, even our relation shouldn’t be affected. She smiles. He says I forgot to tell you, I actually have a great pal.

Alankar introduces Shalu to his friend. Shalu is going to memorize the traces. Alankar says you understand what to do. His buddy says sure. Shalu comes and says I m ready. She tells her lines. the man says you’re announcing the talk in a ordinary manner, say it in a fashionable manner, don’t be shy, relax. Alankar asks her to simply think about her dreams. Shalu tells the dialogues again, in a higher manner. Alankar smiles.

the guy says performing is ideal, you have to focus to your grooming. She says yes, i will move it. Alankar and Shalu leave. She receives Triloki’s name. She says I lied to dad, I m no longer feeling properly. Alankar asks her not to fear of small things and focus on her goals.

Suhana makes the food. Shivika says don’t make us experience awkward. Maya says Suhana isn’t being attentive to us. Suhana says i was free and concept to do it. Shivika says Omkar will no longer have Lauki dish. Suhana says i can make it in a exclusive manner, he will devour it. Maya says he’ll in no way consume it. Suhana bets on it. Omkar sees Shalu with Alankar. He stops the motorbike and says what is Shalu doing right here, i will call her. Alankar asks Shalu no longer to reply and lie to Omkar, he’s going to doubt on her. Omkar thinks something is fishy.

Precap: Alankar says my friend is ready to make you a heroine in his movie. Dolly asks Shivika to come in the birthday party. Shivika says Mikki just slept. Suhana asks Omkar to come back together with her. Omkar says there is a party at GST’s residence. Suhana says I have to come.


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