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The Episode begins with Omkar and Shivika finding some manner to go away from the residence. He say we will bounce. She asks are you mad, no way. He says i will display you. He additionally gets scared to leap. He jumps down. She asks are you excellent. He says sure, don’t worry, I m exceptional, now your flip, bounce down. She says I m scared. He says I gained’t permit you to fall, agree with me, close your eyes and soar, i can seize you. She slips and falls in his fingers. He says I instructed you, I gained’t permit you to fall, I regret you aren’t that mild as you appear. He places her down. She says I may want to have thrown the keys to you, you can have opened the door, why did you made me bounce.

Shivika receives Shalu’s call. She says I m just accomplishing. Shalu says allow it’s, we’re coming home. Shivika says I neglected the marriage food. Omkar says I m also hungry, i can take you for dinner. She says who goes to restaurant like this. he is taking her to the wedding. He asks her to come back and not get scared. He says Santosh is my friend, be confident. They deceive everybody. Omkar receives lying to the humans, at the same time as Shivika hears that Santosh is the girl, Kiran is the fellow. She stops Omkar and says you made a mistake. Omkar says they did a mistake and stored wrong name. They run. humans run to capture him.

Triloki collides with Omkar and learns the matter. He says that guy isn’t precise, beat him and provide him to police. Shivika laughs and asks what did you assert, individual need to believe. She jokes on Omkar. He says I didn’t understand Santosh is a girl. She says thanks, this became additionally my dream. He says I understand, you advised me all of your weird desires, I need to meet all your dreams. She asks honestly. He says sure, permit me meet your dad and talk to him. Shivika comes domestic. Her own family comes later.

Jagat and Mangal see the female’s %. Gupta comes and asks what are you taking. They display the girl’s percent to Gupta. He says this isn;’t the lady, I went to financial institution with a few paintings and met my bahu, i’ve got the p.c, meet her while Omkar introduces, she is first-class. Mangal asks did that lady say that she loves Omkar. Gupta says no, but I understood. Jagat says perhaps you met the incorrect girl. Gupta says I m your dad. He goes. Jagat says maybe he’s right. Omkar comes and asks what. They show the woman’s p.c and asks is she the one.

Omkar says she is Mrs. Verma, did you visit financial institution to do that. Jagat says we couldn’t manage, tell me, who’s she. Omkar says till your dad has the same opinion to satisfy me and says yes for marriage, you each manage your marriage. Triloki scolds Shalu for taking admission in co-ed college. Shivika says her three hundred and sixty five days would have got waste. She sends Shalu to college. He gets indignant. Triloki is going. Jaya lies to Omkar. He says I know everything. Jaya says in case you recognize the whole thing, listen to me, I didn’t steal gasoline deliberately. He asks what. She says this is called enterprise, we have no savings, it doesn’t depend to take some devices of fuel from cylinder. He says its incorrect.

Jaya asks what’s going to we do if we’ve got any problem. Omkar says don’t do this, i will manage, promise me you gained’t do it again. She says i’m able to tell this to Jagat. He says stop the problem here. She guarantees and goes. Devki tries to get a rickshaw. Omkar gives her raise. He says your husband gets first-rate, if he’s taking drugs on time. Shivika says i can get medicines. Devki praises Omkar’s upbringing. He says my mum might have felt true if she heard this, she exceeded away after my start, I didn’t see her, she would be like you. Devki says no, i’m able to’t even call you within the house. He says i will come when Shivika willingly calls me.

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