Pyaar Ke Papad 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Omkar and GST coming come. Omkar says I didn’t talk to Shivika’s dad. GST says he can never speak to him, he changed into into a controversy with him earlier than. Omkar says he doesn’t want to talk to me. Jagat and Mangal ask him no longer to fear, this takes place in love. Omkar issues. The men come to take cash from Triloki. He refuses to give charity and asks men to leave. Omkar comes to meet Shivika at the ghat. She says I instructed you, this may manifest. Omkar says not anything occurred. She says nothing will appear. He says marriage will take place some how, I ought to clear matters for your dad. He says he’ll agree, he scolded me a piece, he is like you and stated no to me, its no longer easy, however love shouldn’t be easy, what will we tell our youngsters. Shivika says dad is speakme about my marriage with someone, i can’t love all of us else. He jokes. He buys one kulfi seeing the couples romancing. He is going to percentage the kulfi along with her. Bolna mahi bolna….plays…. The kulfi falls down. He smiles. She says sorry. He kisses her hand.

Jaya tells Maya and Nisha that Omkar didn’t get any exact information, its top, they need to find a wealthy lady for him. Nisha tells her about matrimonial advert. The guys come to locality and tell absolutely everyone about Triloki, who isn’t giving any charity. Triloki’s son hears them talking towards Triloki and goes. Omkar comes and asks what are you going. Nandu says I m getting cash. Omkar says person must deliver money through his wish, we must simply burn one holika so that there isn’t lots pollutants. Mangal praises him. Triloki doesn’t pay attention to his son. Jai says dad doesn’t recognise what’s going to take place today, a few human beings need to train him a lesson. Shivika asks how did you recognize. Jai says I heard the men speakme, dad doesn’t pay attention to me, I won’t visit get insulted. Shivika worries and goes to stop Triloki. Triloki comes for holika dahan. GST says we are able to burn holika right here, you do the puja. the person says you could’t do puja here. Triloki asks why. Shalu asks Shivika to put on the masks, none can identify her.

The men get indignant on Triloki. Omkar involves guard Triloki. Shivika comes and looks on. Omkar says I simply realize that we should forget the past and start new family members, we ought to be glad that Triloki has come here, we have to make him do the puja. the person says Triloki didn’t give charity. Omkar says just take this as his Dakshina. Mangal says so we decided Mahant will do puja here. Triloki refuses. GST says that is occurring because of Omkar, give him a hazard, and just do the puja, all and sundry will reward you. Omkar asks Triloki to return and do the puja. Triloki does the puja. Ashok gets irritated and applies him shades. Triloki says he touched me and made me impure, get water for me. Omkar gets water. the person says now not this water, it has shade. Omkar puts the colored water on Triloki and gets stunned.

Precap Upcoming Pyaar Ke Papad episode update: Triloki says I felt you are desirable, you have got values, you’re sick mannered. Omkar gets Shivika home. Mangal asks who’s he. Gupta says Bahuriya….


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