Pyaar Ke Papad 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Omkar telling his brother approximately Parvati/Shivika. He asks Nandu to % the objects, he’s going to move for transport. His brother asks Nandu to go for the delivery. Omkar asks for the address. Nandu says don’t fear, I consider the deal with, i can supply the objects. He tears the papers. Omkar worries. Omkar’s brother and Bhabhi communicate about Omkar’s marriage. GST’s mum comes and says i can decide for Omkar’s marriage, I’ve raised him, its my right. Bhabhi cries and does a drama that she has no price in the house, she is only a maid. GST’s mum says inform it truly, i can’t understand something. Bhabhi praises Nisha. She says we have to get Omkar married soon, earlier than his dad passes away, what is going to society tell us.

Triloki fires a few people from paintings and says Brahmans should work in the temple, you can do every other painting. The people ask what paintings do we do. Triloki says i will do the preparations. GST assessments Bhabhi’s hand and jokes. Bhabhi asks Chachi to speak about Omkar’s marriage. GST says you communicate of his marriage as though he is your son. Chachi asks him to test kundli. Omkar is doing yoga. Gauri checks the kundli. He says the girl has entered his existence. Omkar sees Shivika’s %. He smiles seeing their photo frame. Bhabhi praises Nisha. Chachi says quality, i can see her once. She asks Jagat not to get in among. Gauri says Omkar’s kundli has a lot issues, he has to bear lots. Omkar’s brother is going to see him and sees Omkar seeing a religious channel. Omkar sits on faraway and channel modifications. He smiles hearing approximately Sanyasi lifestyles. His brother worries and runs downstairs. Omkar comes downstairs too, sporting an orange kurta. His brother imagines him as a Sanyasi baba. Omkar smiles and says i’ve worn this, as I didn’t get anything else. Chachi asks them to do some thing rapid, else Omkar will become Sanyasi.

Triloki says simply pandits will see all of the work. Guru ji comes and says you will in no way alternate. Triloki greets him and expresses his worry for Shivika’s marriage. Guru ji says this ends my tension, I want Shivika to marry my son Raghavendra. Triloki asks him to get his son’s kundli once for matching. Guru ji concurs. Omkar thinks of Shivika. He asks Nandu did he do the shipping. Nandu says sure. Omkar’s brother says enterprise is running properly. Omkar asks Nandu what changed into the address. Nandu is going for shipping. Omkar goes. His brother appears on. Omkar enables Jagat. He says let me help you, Lord can satisfy my want. Jagat asks him to deliver the cylinder at some address. Omkar leaves. He reaches Shivika’s house. He gets scared seeing the canine. He falls returned. Shivika holds him in hands. they have an eyelock. He says sorry, i was terrified of the dog. She says his name is cutiepie. He says yes, cute. She says each person knows the language of affection. He says I got here to offer the cylinder. Shalu sees him and says you are that shop proprietor.

Shivika says oh yes, do you supply cylinder also. He says sure. She says its excellent. Shalu says you have to work tough to enter this house. Shivika can pay him cash and says we can take it. They pass inner. Omkar leaves. Triloki comes home. He asks Guru ji to return and see Shivika first. Chachi comes home. Gupta plays video games with Nandu. Bhabhi asks shall i get Nisha, she is prepared. Chachi agrees. Shivika is at her workplace. Peon says i can’t make the tea, cylinder regulator isn’t working nicely, i can call the cylinder provider man. Chachi asks Gupta to look Nisha as soon as, if she is ok, he can get Omkar married to Nisha. Gupta says the world is changing, we should change our wondering. Bhabhi asks Chachi to see Nisha. Bua gets Nisha. Chachi says i like her. Gupta asks what’s this drama. Jagat says all of the daughters are good, Omkar have to like Nisha. Omkar says if Omkar and Nisha are geared up, what shall I do. He goes to store. Chachi receives indignant. they all agree to just accept Nisha and think to invite Omkar. Chachi says it just relies upon on Omkar now. Bhabhi says i can try to persuade him. Omkar involves Shivika’s workplace. He meets her again and smiles.

Precap:- Shivika asks Omkar to restore the cylinder. Omkar says I’ve given a loan to myself and opened this fruit stall, maintain coming. Shivika meets him anywhere. Shivika meets Raghavendra. She says I want to do a process usually.

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