Pyaar Ke Papad 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with everyone playing holi in Omkar’s house. Jagat says we are happy by Shivika’s coming. Jaya says who knows if Shivika’s dad agrees or not, marriage happens or not. They look for Gupta.

Gupta comes playing holi and runs after Chachi. Chachi tells Maya about a gynac doctor. She asks Maya to take Mangal there. Maya gets happy and applies holi to her. Omkar waits for Shivika. Shivika asks everyone not to apply her colors.

She says I don’t want dad to get upset. Omkar, GST and Nandu are outside the house. Omkar says I will go and meet her, I promised Shivika that I will apply her color fast. Nandu gives him the idea of kinners, who Triloki can’t stop. Omkar likes the idea.

Triloki scolds his brother in law. He sees the kinners at the door. Omkar is also with the kinners.

Uncle gives them money and asks them go go. Omkar looks for Shivika. Triloki goes out and scolds the kinners. The kinner threatens of her curse affecting her.

Shivika treats them nicely and gets blessed. GST and Nandu are also in the group. Omkar applies colors to Shivika. She smiles. They play holi together. She also applies holi to him. Omkar applies tilak to Triloki and touches his feet.

Triloki blesses him and says I have seen him somewhere. He stops Omkar. Omkar goes. Shivika goes after him. The kinners bless their pairing and give them shagun. Omkar gives shagun to her and goes. Na kuch pucha…..plays…..

Maya and Jaya have a talk. Maya asks what are you planning now, tell me. Omkar comes home and wishes everyone happy holi. He applies holi to them. He says none can take your place in this house. Jaya says I won’t let anyone take my place.

Triloki talks about Shivika’s alliance. He asks the guy to come on video call and talk to Shivika. The guy doesn’t know anything about talking on video call. They laugh seeing Alankar with cow sticker. Triloki says we will talk on phone, come home and then we will fix marriage. GST says you didn’t need to apply colors to Triloki. Omkar says I want him to know what I want.

GST says that’s not imp. Omkar says I called Shivika to talk. They meet Shivika. Shivika asks GST to join them. GST jokes on her dad. She says dad has spoken to a guy to fix my marriage. Omkar says don’t take tension, I will convince him. She asks how.

He says there will be something he likes, I wanted to ask you. GST says yes. Omkar says something that pleases him. Shivika says you can’t do this. GST says he can do anything. She says wrestling. Omkar asks what. She says he forgets caste in that one thing, he used to fight dangal in his young days.

GST says we should leave. Omkar smiles. Shivika says we shall forget this. Omkar says I have decided, I will fight wrestling and convince him. He holds her hand and says everything will get fine, your love is with me. GST looks at them and says I will turn away, you guys carry on. Shivika kisses on Omkar’s cheek. She leaves. He smiles.

Precap: GST asks Triloki to become the chief guest of Dangal.Omkar says I have to win Triloki’s heart. Triloki sees Omkar and thinks he will get beaten up well.


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