Pyaar Ke Papad 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Shivika asking Omkar to fix the cylinder regulator. He is of the same opinion. She recites something. Her drawings fall. He smiles seeing it and asks what’s this. She says its my presentation to present to the bank supervisor, i will say this in front of you, like a practice session. He asks her to move beforehand. She offers a presentation. He smiles. Triloki talks to Guru ji’s family. He says Shivika will have equal want like me. Jai gets Maha Shivratri image and says its a parcel for Shivika from the temple. Devki likes per cent. Shivika asks how is it. Omkar says accepted. She asks what. He says it will be permitted. the man asks what’s taking place, do you realize who’s he. She says he has come to repair cylinder. the man says he is a financial institution manager. Omkar says yes, however, I do this painting additionally, I’ve permitted your new launch, if your papers are right, your mortgage will skip. He is going. Guruji likes Shivika’s per cent and says she seems Parvati. Triloki drops the p.c. He asks Shalu to easy the glass portions. Shivika tells her pal approximately Omkar. Her friend teases her that she is in love with Omkar. Shivika says i have to shop for fruits for home.

Omkar buys fruits. the man says I don’t have any alternative. Omkar asks him to get a trade, and he will manipulate the stall until then. the man tells him the fees of culmination. He is going. Shivika comes to buy apples. She receives amazed seeing Omkar. She symptoms her pal. Omkar says I gave myself a loan and opened this fruit stall. Shivika’s friend Dolly jokes on him. He interacts well and tells how costly matters have turn out to be in recent times. Shivika says not anything adjustments with high priced matters, your wishes are developing, matters aren’t getting high-priced. Omkar laughs. She offers him money. He says to hold it. She asks why you keep it. he takes money. She goes. He says keep coming. seller comes lower back and symptoms what. Dolly says this man likes you. Shivika says he’s unusual, he isn’t following me. Dolly teases her. Shivika says dad will decide my fate. She comes home and meets Guru ji’s family. Guruji says we need to ask Shivika, did she like Raghavendra. Triloki says what’s going to she said. She says I want to do a job always. Guruji says it’s exact, permit the kids to talk now.

Nisha says mum got me here to get me knowledgeable, but I don’t recognize what’s she planning now. Bhabhi says don’t fear, its a massive check for you, in case you win, you’ll rule right here, visit Omkar as Menka. Nisha refuses. Bhabhi asks her to head. She asks Bua not to come in between. She sends Nisha by myself. Raghavendra meets Shivika to recognize her mind. they have a speak. She says if girls can manage house paintings and process, men should also work and manipulate residence. He says I didn’t get time, however, I need to strive. She thinks of Omkar and says a few humans do all of the paintings alone. Nisha receives espresso for Omkar. He asks her to take a seat. Bhabhis and Bua try to pay attention to their talk. Nisha wants to tell Omkar that she doesn’t need to marry him, she wants to get knowledgeable. She takes a unique from Omkar. He asks her to return any time while she wants to study books. He says don’t be hesitant, consider me as your elder brother. Bhabhi receives in and asks what’s all this. She sends Nisha. She asks Omkar to study books.

Bua says Omkar is Vishwamitra, he has made Nisha his sister. Bhabhi says I should lure him by way of a few dramas, I received let some other women are available his life. Shivika remains disappointed. Devki says you do numerous work, you’ll be getting worn-out. She asks what occurred to you. She does hair champi to Shivika. Shivika says its a terrific component that dad has found an alliance for me, he’s satisfied, I m also glad that he has finished what he desired. Shivika is going to hire a vehicle. She meets Omkar once more. He says this rickshaw is mine, I don’t pressure it, I’ve stored a motive force. Shivika says you’re fooling me, are you following me. Omkar asks what are you saying, I’m able to call driving force.

He goes to call the driver. He asks the driving force to get extra human beings. motive force asks him to maintain patience. Omkar says i was going to a financial institution, wherein are you going. She says workplace, petrol strike goes on. a driver receives impolite. Shivika argues with him. She complains to Omkar approximately him. Omkar says i’m able to not tolerate this in my business. the motive force says I have to do that for my earnings. Omkar says I’m able to now provide an explanation for him as a purchaser, you support me. He explains him approximately viable injuries. driving force receives scared. Shivika asks the driver to listen to his owner. driving force asks who. Omkar says all of us have the same Lord. driving force takes them. Shivika asks Omkar do you cope with the entirety like this. He nods. They smile.

Precap:- Triloki is irritated seeing Shivika and Omkar. he’s with Guruji. He goes to see the couple.


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