Pyaar Ke Papad 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Alankar acting and standing out enough to be noticed. Omkar sees them and gets stunned. He reviews her words. Shivika sees Omkar and comes to him. She says I was making Litti choka to arrive. Omkar says you didn’t come, how might we converse with her, I don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s going on. She says sorry, I will converse with them. He says things are breaking. Alankar gets her out. She says Alankar is sick, I will drop him home and come to converse with you. Omkar says OK. She proceeds to take Alankar with her. GST asks Omkar the end result for him, for what reason is he driving so imprudently. Omkar asks don’t you comprehend what occurred. GST says don’t take strain, Shivika was stuck in work. Omkar says I can see, in what manner will I disclose to family, they will get progressively irritated. GST says you are stressing for pretty much nothing things, we as a whole are with you, aside from time, Shivika is coming around evening time, simply sit and talk.

Shivika drops Alankar home. She requests that he inquire as to whether she needs anything. Alankar says I need to discover some reason to stop you once more, I don’t care for you going to meet Omkar. Alankar approaches Devki not to stress for her. He makes Devki hurt. Shivika hurries to think about her. Devki asks Shivika to go, she will apply the medicine. Shivika says I won’t tune in, accompany me. He grins. Jaya and Maya don’t talk for much time. Maya gets enthusiastic and races to embrace Jaya. She says whatever occurs, we both will never battle, guarantee me. Jaya says fine, I will do a few courses of action. Maya does her work. Jaya comes to Triloki. Triloki and Jaya talk about isolating Shivika and Omkar. Omkar gets back home and sees them. Triloki asks Omkar wouldn’t he be able to see the happenings, the Vaastu dosh is in charge of this. Omkar says I know Jaya is as yet irritated with me, however I m beyond any doubt that everybody will excuse me. Jaya says you do what you need, you couldn’t care less if this house breaks.

Omkar says no, this house will never break, I guaranteed father, I neglected to persuade family today yet tomorrow I will persuade them. Triloki says I m stressed for Shivika. Omkar says your stress will end tomorrow. Jaya asks what will you do now. Triloki says we need to make little strides, with the goal that their marriage breaks. Jaya says I m frightened. He says get a few ladies, with the goal that the ladies make a fracture in this family. Shivika stresses and messages Omkar. She calls him. He doesn’t reply. Alankar is with Gupta. He messages Omkar from Gupta’s telephone. Omkar checks the message that Gupta came to securely. He doesn’t answer her call. She continues calling him and gets tragic. She supposes to meet him tomorrow and talk. Principle tenu samjhawan… .plays… . they think about one another. Alankar encourages the nourishment to Gupta. Gupta won’t eat sustenance. Alankar chastens him and requests that he do what he lets him know. Gupta gets anxious. Alankar cautions him against acting brilliant. He goes. Shivika comes that way and hears some stable. Alankar gets stunned seeing her. She asks what are you doing here as of now, that too with a sustenance plate.

Precap Upcoming Pyaar Ke Papad Episode Update: Omkar and Shivika have an eyelock. Blossoms fall on them. Triloki endeavors to make Mangal and Jagat battle. Omkar requests that the ladies remain. Mangal yells on Omkar. He requests a house division.


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