Pyaar Ke Papad 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Suhana disconnecting Shivika’s name. Shivika concerns. Jagat says Suhana turned into in hassle and now Omkar. Suhana gets near Omkar. She says you aren’t first-class, i will live here with you. He asks what are you announcing. She says i’m able to call domestic, sleep properly, I m here with you to attend to you. She gets near him. She gets a call from Shivika. She disconnects. Shivika says even Suhana isn’t answering. Maya says we need to find them, I m concerned. Mangal says we are able to’t wait here. Gupta says go and discover Omkar. Shivika says we can visit the resort, I recognise the entirety. Mangal and Jagat go with her.

Suhana says I stop myself as you bought married, i love you, are you paying attention to me, its sufficient that you are near me. She receives Shivika’s call. She says Shivika must come and see us. She asks the girl to send Shivika upstairs if she comes. Shivika, Mangal and Jagat come to the hotel to ask about Omkar and Suhana. The girl tells the room range. Suhana gets close to Omkar. Shivika rushes to the room. Suhana says while Shivika sees us like this, she will be able to break out from you. She goes near Omkar.

Shivika knocks the door. Shivika, Mangal and Jagat are available in and get shocked seeing Omkar and Suhana. They find Omkar subconscious and try and wake him. Suhana says I m sorry, I didn’t recognize you all to understand this manner, Omkar and i really like every other loads. She begins performing. Shivika asks what did you do with Omkar.

Suhana says we’ve carried out this through our want. Jagat says Omkar can by no means cheat Shivika. Suhana says he’s dozing. Mangal says he fainted, he isn’t sleeping, what did you do. Suhana says I didn’t do something, Omkar came right here, we had love between us. Shivika asks what did you assert. She slaps Suhana. She says you aren’t ashamed to lie, I informed you to live far from Omkar. Jagat says we will take Omkar domestic first, we can talk later. They take Omkar home. Suhana thinks Shivika has to pay for this.

doctor exams Omkar and asks why did you are taking napping drugs. everybody receives shocked. GST comes and asks when did you start all this. Omkar receives up. GST asks what occurred. Omkar sees Suhana. He says don’t recognise, I started out feeling dizzy. health practitioner says I gave you the antidote, i will pass now. GST asks did you drink anything at the manner. Shivika says someone spiked his drink, Suhana did this. Suhana packs her bags and comes downstairs. She says I m sorry, Omkar you consider me, Shivika doesn’t like me, so she has achieved all this. Maya says you were there with Omkar, how will Shivika do that, you delivered medicine in water. Suhana says I didn’t do some thing.

Shivika stops her and tests her handbag. She indicates the drugs bottle and says you fed this to Omkar. Omkar says I felt you’re my first-rate friend, I didn’t realize you’ll try this. Gupta says we all loved you, you cheated us. Mangal says we felt you and Omkar are buddies, you ruined friendship and love. Jagat says human beings lose religion in friendship due to humans such as you. Suhana says i like Omkar loads, he’s spending existence with Shivika, who isn’t appropriate for him. Omkar says Shivika is my wife.

Suhana asks am I not anything. He says you had been my friend, no longer now, pals aren’t egocentric, its desirable that this took place, I understood that Shivika wasn’t wrong, she changed into proper, Suhana you don’t love me, its referred to as stubbornness, she avoided all your errors, and we thought she is wrong, i used to be incorrect, leaving within the morning. GST asks why, the resort and cab booking is achieved, depart proper away. Suhana goes. Omkar apologizes to Shivika and hugs. anyone smiles.

Its morning, Omkar says we will make all people devour poha these days. Maya says Shivika, Omkar has controlled the entirety nowadays. Omkar says sure, simply take relaxation. Shivika smiles. Omkar says we guys will cook these days. Gupta says i’m able to have food out of doors. Omkar asks why, we prepare dinner properly. Mangal says i’d be a chef if I didn’t control the store. Jagat asks what are you able to prepare dinner. Omkar and Mangal say Litti choka. Gupta says we will’t eat that. Jagat says Jaya will cook dinner one at a time for me. every person looks on. Omkar asks Jagat to get Jaya lower back. Jagat says Shivika and Maya additionally cook dinner properly. Maya says we will now not cook dinner in case you don’t get Jaya domestic. Jagat says you don’t know what she did.

Gupta says its over, get Jaya now, else i’m able to give you a slap, just get her. all and sundry say sure, get her, else we received’t speak to you. Jagat asks what’s this. He is going. Shalu gets stunned seeing Triloki. He asks in which are you going. Deenu says she goes Mumbai to end up a heroine. Triloki gets shocked.

Precap: Omkar romances Shivika. She says our misunderstandings got over, now we can make a brand new begin. Omkar smiles seeing the romantic marvel.


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