Pyaar Ke Papad 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with all people explaining Shivika about her mistake. She apologizes to them and says I concept to marvel Omkar, perhaps you have made the sorrow so large that the happiness is falling brief. Omkar asks what are you announcing. She says sorry to hurt you all. Jaya says you did mistake and then pronouncing sorry and lecturing. Gupta asks all people to maintain quiet now. He says Shivika didn’t recognise all this, she didn’t do any mistake. Chachi says she doesn’t understand our traditions, she did right. Gupta says its my mistake, its been 27 years that my spouse died, even then she is alive in my memories, we forgot who’s alive. He sees Omkar. Jaya says but Shivika did mistake. Gupta says your mum used to ask me to keep kids happy, what’s wrong to keep kids satisfied. Chachi has the same opinion with him and asks them to now not shout on Shivika. Jagat says dad remains dissatisfied. Gupta says we are able to have a good time birthday any longer, on your mum’s soul peace. He blesses Shivika. everybody smiles. Mangal apologizes to Shivika. She says no, it become my mistake.
GST says if own family drama is over, we could reduce the cake. Omkar cuts the cake. Jagat is happy and says I m glad seeing this. Mangal says Triloki has referred to as Omkar to fulfill. Shivika smiles. Kuch hai junoon sa….plays…. Omkar thank you Shivika and apologizes. She says its ok. He feeds cake to everybody and hugs. Jaya seems on. everybody is satisfied.

Shivika involves Omkar and asks is he nonetheless sad. He says no, I m very satisfied, dad and my relation, none may want to recognize it, its one of a kind, however today, he agreed just because of you, thank you. She asks him no longer to thank him. He says continually aid me. They hug. Triloki receives a report added via the financial institution employee. the man tells him about Shivika’s scam. Triloki says Shivika is my daughter, she will be able to’t do any robbery, its nonsense, she has my values. Shivika comes and looks on. Triloki says Shivika can answer the whole global, simply go. the person sees her and leaves. Shivika cries and sees Triloki. She hugs him. He additionally gets emotional and sends her in.

Its morning, Jaya asks Jagat to talk to kids in English. GST involves assist Jagat. Jaya says I want to get my daughter admitted in a huge faculty. Jagat says its not smooth, you already know about the quota. GST says there may be one vicinity where quota works, temple quota, Triloki can help us. Jaya says we are giving him Omkar without spending a dime, we should take his help. Shivika comes. Jaya sends Jagat. GST appears at them. Omkar comes to fulfill Triloki. He hears Triloki’s talks and smiles. He says wow, you spoke so nicely. Triloki says you communicate a good deal and make everyone agree. Omkar says I stated what i found proper, sorry. Triloki says you need to do Shiv’s hard puja. Omkar says i will do it on your happiness. Triloki says you need to do it to cast off your kundli dosh, to your personal happiness. Omkar says I don’t agree with in kundli, however I consider in father’s belief, make me do what you need, i can no longer step back. Triloki says excellent, then you have to make 1100 shivling in one night, via your very own arms, in case you be triumphant, kundli dosh will break out, else i will now not agree for this wedding, tell me are you able to manage to do that. Omkar is bowled over.

Precap Upcoming Pyaar Ke Papad episode update: Omkar and Shivika romance. Tum tak….performs….. Triloki says i will help you in faculty admission, however you have to prevent Shivika and Omkar’s marriage. Jagat gets taken aback.


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