Pyaar Ke Papad 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Omkar says we will proceed to meet Deenu and Shalu. Omkar and Shivika return home and welcome Triloki. He asks Shalu to see the visitors. He leaves. Shalu and Deenu ask Shivika to come in. Shivika asks Triloki to pardon her at any rate now, she is his little girl. Omkar says Shivika is distraught since you are angry with her. Triloki says I m setting off to the sanctuary, Shalu call me when they leave. Shalu says I needed to tell something, I m going to Mumbai to turn into an on-screen character. Shivika asks how might you choose this, how could you think this. Omkar says Triloki won’t almost certainly bear this. Shalu says its my fantasy. Shivika says you will destroy your life doing this. She asks Triloki to see Shalu, she will end up being an on-screen character. Triloki says this can’t occur. He secures Shalu in the room. Shalu’s creative mind closes. She says I was missing all of you. Shivika says you can return home. Omkar says accompany us and remain.

Deenu figures what will I let them know. Alankar comes and welcomes them. Omkar contends. Shivika says we have come to meet Shalu and Deenu, I will make parathas. Shalu goes to support her. Omkar gazes at Alankar. Omkar and Shivika return home. Shivika cries and says father isn’t excusing me, I m missing my mum to such an extent. Omkar solicits her to think from Shalu and Deenu, they fell forlorn, with whom will they share their sentiments. She cries. GST calls Omkar and says come soon, I became more acquainted with something about Alankar. Omkar says I will meet GST and come. He goes.

Alankar calls his companion and says I have done my work, Shalu will go Mumbai, you need to take every necessary step now. His companion asks him not to stress. Deenu goes to Shalu’s room and searches for her sack. Alankar comes. He bolts his entryway for security. Deenu asks what are you securing. Alankar says its my room. Deenu says this is my home, we gave the space to you to remain. Alankar says you are more youthful to me, you reserve no option to ask me. Deenu says I reserve an option to ask the visitor, reveal to me for what reason did you lock it. Alankar stops Shalu and requests that her perceive how Deenu is carrying on with him. Shalu asks what occurred. She agrees with Alankar’s stance and requests that he go. Deenu looks on. Omkar comes to GST. GST says Jyoti is missing, perhaps that red saree lady is Jyoti, Alankar is smart and can do anything.

Precap: Deenu says Shalu is lying at home and not going for her classes. Shivika gets stunned and calls Shalu. Shalu deceives her. Shivika comes to instructing class and requests Shalu. The woman says she isn’t going to the classes since numerous days.


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