Pyaar Ke Papad 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Alankar sees Triloki checking cash. He lies that he is going in the puja occasion and says I will return in couple of days. Triloki requests that he store the cash in the bank. Alankar says sure. Deenu looks on and says I will store the cash in the bank. Alankar says you are growing up and need to assume liability, however this cash is of sanctuary trust, you get some apportion, I will store the cash. Deeny thinks to converse with Shivika.

Deenu comes to meet Shivika. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t you go to class. Omkar asks is there any issue which Shalu can’t impart to you. Deenu says no, she took cash from father and kept it covered up, she is arriving behind schedule from classes. Shivika asks what, she took cash from me moreover. Omkar says perhaps she is in awful organization, we should converse with her. Shivika asks Deenu did he say this to father. He says no. Shivika says we will go to training classes and discover. Omkar says we will go today itself. Omkar and Shivika come to training classes. They call Shalu. Shivika says she isn’t replying. They get some information about Shalu Mishri and demonstrate her pic. The woman says she isn’t coming to class since numerous days and didn’t store the charges. Omkar says fine, much appreciated.

Shivika calls Shalu once more. Shalu says I m at the instructing classes. Shivika says don’t mislead me, I m at the classes, disclose to me where are you, what’s the issue, you shared everything with mum, won’t you share it with me, don’t get apprehensive, I guarantee I won’t reveal to you anything. Shalu says the issue is… . Alankar takes the telephone. He asks what’s going on with you, don’t advise her. Shalu says all is well. Shivika says don’t lie, let me know, what’s the issue, is there any BF issue, I m coming to meet you. Shalu says I m at home, don’t come today, come tomorrow. Shivika inquires as to why.

Shalu says father is at home, I won’t most likely converse with you. Shivika says I m coming. Omkar says we are getting back home to meet you. Shalu says I need to go for critical work, I will meet you tomorrow. He says don’t get frightened. She says I have no issue. He asks Shivika not to stress, they will meet tomorrow and sort it. GST gets some information about Shalu, she is bunking classes. Omkar says issue is Shalu is spending the cash. GST says she is growing up, she has no companions, Devki passed away and Shivika isn’t with her, what will she do. Omkar says Alankar is utilizing this, Deenu disclosed to me that Shalu converses with Alankar a great deal, she hated Alankar a ton previously. GST says Shalu is gone, Alankar will destroy her life. Omkar says we need to accomplish something of Alankar. Triloki solicits Shalu to take care from the house. She takes his gifts and says my outcomes are coming as well. She gets Alankar’s call. He reveals to some arrangement. He grins.

Precap: Shivika inquires as to for what reason will Shalu keep her stuff in Alankar’s room. Shivika and Omkar check Alankar’s room. They get the red saree. Omkar reviews and says it implies Alankar is the red saree lady.


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