Qayamat Ki Raat 16th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Viraj loss of life. Sanjana doubts someone’s presence in her place. Vaidehi starts her search for Raghav. She finds Raghav unconscious.

Raghav couldn’t see her as she is a soul. Vaidehi starts leaving as her Raksha Kavach starts to break. Kalasur and Sanjana analyze that Vaidehi is someplace here.

Sanjana mocks at Kalasur. He receives irked and uses his powers on Sanjana. Vaidehi and Kalasur come face to face.

The two have a heating verbal exchange. Kalasur makes an invisible wall with his powers and forestalls Vaidehi. Vaidehi fails to move it.

Meanwhile, Raghav profits his senses back. Sanjana covers up the scenario in the front of Raghav. He touches Kalasur’s invisible wall which breaks it. Vaidehi runs away.

Vaidehi returns to existence.

Raghav sees Kalasur and remembers his memories. He calls him his murderer. Sanjana comes there and says that Kalasur is his savior.

Raghav doesn’t trust her.

Kalasur and Sanjana get into a controversy.

Vaidehi and all of the family contributors are heading towards Raghav. Vaidehi receives stressed among the trails inside the jungle.

Panditji says most effective one route is actual at the same time as the opposite is its replicate photograph.

Vaidehi chooses the wrong manner and starts to fall from the cliff. The family members shop Vaidehi from the cliff.

Kalasur sends Raghav to his word.

When they attain out to Kalasur’s location, they discover Raghav missing. Vaidehi gets tensed. Panditji uses his powers to find Raghav however all in useless.

Vaidehi unearths a clue about Raghav.

Sanjana and Kalasur are with Raghav of their world. He confesses that Sanjana will supply beginning to an evil child with Raghav.

The written update of sixteen February 2019 Qayamat Ki Raat episode complete online tale ends.

Precap:- Vaidehi comes to Kalasur.

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