Radha Krishna 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

RadhaKrishna 12 Apr episode starts with Radha stating that she will become the medium to end the rakshas. Krishna says tathastu. He asks Radha to offer prayers to Goddess Kushmanda.

Krishna clears all the mess in the fair created by the rakshas.

In the morning, Balram and all the villagers get delighted to see everything sorted. Radha comes there and says she did everything alone.

Ayan and Jhatila get angry seeing Radha’s success. Jhatila says the asur will come in the night to ruin everything in the fair.

Krishna shows Radha his mobile flute store. Radha says no one will buy his simple flute. Krishna challenges Radha to sell the flute before him.

Krishna plays his flute.

All the villagers gather around him to purchase his flutes. Radha gets shocked to see this.
Radha tries to play a flute, but fails miserably. Krishna advises her to spell the magic of love to ooze music out of the instrument.

Radha plays the flute with all her heart. Krishna says that this music will help to end the rakshas’ life. Krishna and asur come face to face.

Krishna attacks the asur. A villager informs Radha about the rakshas being in the jungle. Radha says we will fight with him.

Krishna breaks all the legs of the giant spider.

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