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RadhaKrishna 12 Oct episode begins with Sidheshwar getting presented in Barsana. He asks for nourishment and Krishna clarifies for what good reason they can’t offer nourishment to him.

Sidheshwar blows up about ladies’ nonappearance and later approaches Krishna for his following stage. Balram faults Ayan for controlling other men.

Balram and Krishna offer to make nourishment while Sidheshwar consents to eat. In the interim, Radha starts telling the story of Ram and Ravan epic fight to different women.

Ravan difficulties Ram while Ram and Lakshman are additionally resolved to get Sita back. Smash gives once last possibility yet Raavan won’t surrender.

Smash evacuates Raavan’s head by utilizing a bolt yet another head develops on Ravan’s head. Raavan then demonstrates his ten confronted structure to Ram.

Radha further advises that it was difficult to murder Raavan as he had Amrit Kalash in his stomach. Likewise, Vibhishan disclosed to Lord Ram to place bolt in his stomach.

Afterward, Ram places bolt in Raavan’s stomach by taking Sita’s name. Raavan gets murdered while Ram reunites with his better half, Sita.

Smash and Sita return Ayodhya and offer favors to Hanuman. Ruler Hanuman at that point demonstrates the image of Ram and Sita in his heart.

Radha says they should consider significant men in their lives to make an affection connect. Krishna additionally recollects Radha and starts getting ready nourishment.

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