Radha Krishna 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Krishna returns home. He finds Baldarm worried about the money. Krishna assures that he will accompany him to the market.

Ayaan is worried about the promises Jatila made on his behalf to Kans. Jatila boosts him.

Next morning, Nand blesses Krishna and Balram for their first market sale. Radha comes with some gift sent by her mother. Balram teases Radha for finding excuses to meet Krishna.

Radha wants to spend the day with Krishna, but Balram tells that he needs Krishna at the workplace. Balram promises Radha that he would let Krishna go once everything gets settled.

Radha asks her friends to visit the market.

Radha’s friends are angry on Radha as she not spending time with them. Radha promises them that she won’t go anywhere.

Radha visits the market with her friends. She forcefully takes Krishna with her and disappears from the group too.

Radha and Krishna spend the entire day together. Balram faces difficulty in handling the business alone. Radha’s friends get annoyed on Radha.

Krishan and Radha return to the stall.

The written update of 13 February 2019 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

Precap: Krishna tells Balraam that he couldn’t understand what is wrong with Radha. Krishna tries to explain Radha about her behaviour, but Radha cross-questions Krishna on his love for her.

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