Radha Krishna 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna sensing a few danger. He inquires about Vrishbhaan. Balram and Krishna head towards Vrishbhaan.

Ayan hides whilst Vrishbhaan involves the balcony. Vrishbhaan loses balance and slips. before Krishna could save him, Vrishbhaan falls down.

Radha and others run closer to Vrishbhaan. Radha gets shattered to look at her father in a miserable condition. Radha consoles her mother.

Balram comes to the balcony to find the offender. Ayan hides from him and runs away. To save himself, Ayan jumps off the constructing.

The vaids treat Vrishbhaan. Radha’s mother breaks into tears. Radha is confident that her father may be nice quickly.

Kans praises Ayan for finishing his task. They determine to begin their 2nd operation.

Kans declares a boom in the tax for all of the villages. He states that if the mukhiya of a village fails to meet him, then he’s going to should pay double tax.

Ayan comes returned to Barsana. Krishna tells Balram that he will address Ayan today. Krishna and Ayan come face to face.

Krishna says Ayan that he’ll need to pay for his sins. Jhatila comes and takes Ayan together with her. Balram is assured that he’ll kill Ayanasur.

Kans says he is doing all this to make Radha fall prey to his plan.

All of the villagers inquire about Vrishbhaan from Radha. Radha comes to God’s idol and cries for the well-being of her father.

She asks him to do something and store his father. Krishna watches Radha and springs to her. Radha vents out her pain in front of Krishna.

Radha hugs Krishna while crying for her father.

Precap Upcoming Radha Krishn episode update: Ayan publicizes Radha as the new mukhiya of Barsana


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