Radha Krishna 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode begins with Radha sharing her ache with Krishna. She longs for her father. Krishna cries with Radha. He applauds Radha for handling the scenario nicely.

Ughrapat states that the man or woman liable for Vrishbhaan’s circumstance is inside the residence itself. Balram gets angry on Ayan. Krishna stops him.

Yashoda takes Radha and others to Vrishbhaan’s room. The vaid tell Radha that Vrishbhaan’s frame turned immobile.

Kans’ guys come to Vrishbhaan’s residence. They ask Vrishbhaan to return and listen to Kans’ message. Krishna asks Ugrapat to take the message.

every person gets bowled over to find out about the tax hike. Ugrapat states that if the chief of the village will not go to meet Kans, the tax may be accelerated in addition.

Krishna tells Balram that he has understood Kans’ plan.

Balram says that Ayan is doing all this to grow to be the new leader.

The villagers are tensed about the tax hike. Jhatila uses the possibility to force the villagers to select a brand new leader.

Balram says that Nand can come to be their chief. Jhatila attempts to instigate the villagers in opposition to Nand. The villagers refuse to accept Nand as their leader.

Krishna plays the flute to bring Radha downstairs. Krishna talks to himself and says that he’s going to protect Radha from the upcoming chance.

Krishna comes and says that Ayan is the first-rate preference for the chief. The villagers agree to simply accept Ayan as their chief.

Balram stands in opposition to Krishna. Ayan states that Radha turns into the new leader. Radha receives bowled over.

Precap Upcoming Radha Krishn episode update: Krishna asks Radha now not to accept the leader’s position.


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