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Balram enjoys dinner and thanks you his mother for serving this kind of tasty food. Krishna stops remembering Radha’s anger on him. Balram asks what came about. Krishna says Radha is angry on her and now will no longer have food, so he has to move and console her. Balram asks who will end his meals. Krishna says him and fills all his meals into Balram’s plate. Balram resists at first but then finishes entire food and says it become very tasty. Rohini receives greater meals and fills his plate forcefully. Balram fumes on Kanha/Krishna. Krishna reaches Radh’s area questioning she should be hungry and he has to console and feed her. he is amused to look Radha giggling and enjoying meals with own family. Vrishbhan says he did not crack any shaggy dog story, then why is Radha giggling a lot.

Krishna indicators Radha to come back, however, she ignores him. Kirtida sees him and asks to are available and have meals. Krishna says he is not irritated. Radha licks her arms and asks Krishna why did he come right here. Krishna says his cow went someplace, so he came right here searching here. Radha reminisces Vishakha’s advice not to take note of Krishna, asks if he located his cow. He says sure, but she is acting weird. Radha says she is feeling sleepy now, so she can cross and sleep. Krishna reminisces telling Balram that Radha will not have any meals or communicate to all and sundry, so he has to head and console her. He thinks how can Radha act so ordinary.

Radha walks to her room and thinks she is ignoring Krishna as in line with Vishakha’s advice, but she cannot live far from him for long. Krishna enters and asks what is going on, he’s hungry thinking she ought to be hungry, however, she turned into munching meals. Radha says she became hungry, so had food. Krishna asks if she is indignant on him for ignoring her and doing equally with him. She says at the least he typical his mistake and extends her hands. Krishna walks in the direction of her to hug her. Radha acts as yawning and says it is overdue night time and he has to cross home. Krishna nods sure and walks. Radha unluckily looks at him.

Krishna turns and asks if she can come to fulfil him close to the waterfall. She remembering Vishakha’s advice again and says she is busy tomorrow and can’t guarantee. He says every time she wants to meet him, she needs to play bansuri/flute. She says k and wishes excellent night. Krishna greets lower back and leaves. Radha rejoices thinking Vishhakha’s trick worked and Krishna himself desires to meet tomorrow. next day, Vishakha meets Radha. Radha says she became about to meet her and says her plan laboured and Krishna himself wants to meet her.

Vishakha asks if she is going to satisfy Krishna now, but she should now not. Radha says Krishna realizes his mistake, this is sufficient for her, she can’t permit Krishna to await lengthily. She runs to the jungle and calls Krishna. Krishna stands behind the tree with an extreme look. Radha performs bansuri, however, Krishna does now not stroll to her. Radha thinks how is it feasible that Krishna himself called her and did not come even after she played bansuri.

She waits for him even as he watches her status at the back of the tree. She says it is already afternoon and he did no longer come. Krishna thinks he is attempting to find out what is going on with. Radha receives angry announcing it is enough now, Vishakha becomes right that he’s going to problem her plenty. She turns to leave whilst she sees Krishna status and confronts that he made her watch for goodbye. Krishna says if she becomes hungry, she should have fruit; if thirsty, she could have water; if feeling solar, she could relaxation beneath the tree. Radha says he broke his promise and pained her, returns his bansuri and walks away pronouncing if he can’t fulfil his promise, he should no longer have promised. Radha silently matches her going.

Balram walks to Krishna and asks what’s taking place to Radha, he cannot apprehend something. Krishna says he understood, it is a signal of lack of confidence. Balram asks from whom. Krishna says from anybody; Radha understood love, however, is fearful of losing it and keeping it so tight that love will suffocate.

Krishna offers ethical gyaan and asks in the event that they have passed through dirt after rain, their footsteps shield their ft, however their garments get grimy; similarly they may discover a few humans in their lives who will shield their toes but will dirty their garments; getting serious is satisfactory, but no longer usually, it’ll spoil their happiness. as soon as ought to unfold love and no longer jealousy.

Precap:- Krishna hears a woman hanging on the tree below cliff and pleading to assist her. Krishna jumps and saves her and brings her to Barsana. Radha gets jealous considering that.

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