Radha Krishna 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Radha returns domestic after becoming Barsana’s mukhiya/leader and promises comatosed Vrishbhan that she can now not allow his name down and might paintings for Barsana’s betterment continually. She then touches her mother Kirtida’s toes and takes her benefits. Ayan enters and informs her cart to depart for Mathura is prepared. Radha asks Kirtida to wish for her secure return and walks out. She sits in cart and hopes Krishna meets her once earlier than she leaves and accompany her, thinks Krishna thinks she did a mistake, however she is following her father’s desire. Cart leaves. Krishna watches hiding. Kans watch this thru black magic eagerly waits for Radha. Ayan praises Kans’ plan and thinks quickly Kans will end Krishna and Ayan gets Radha for all time.

Krishna stands at cliff watching Radha’s cart going. Balram says Radha remains hoping he’ll accompany her; they understand Kans’ intention to harm Radha to get Krishna to him, then why Krishna is keeping quiet rather than ending Kans, if he does now not want to, i can. Krishna stops him and says killing Kans isn’t always in his fate, so he cannot. Balram asks what’s preventing him from killing Kans then. Krishna says he can kill Kans, but he desires to stop Radha’s defects first. Balram asks while will that show up. Krishna says he can not handiest query Hari and must go away it on time additionally.

Akroor informs Kans that Radha has left for Mathura and asks why he’s inviting Radha here while he wants Krishna alternatively. Kans says Krishna will come at the back of Radha and if he does no longer without problems, he will kill Radha to get Krishna right here. Ayan walks away at the manner and returns. Radha asks where he have been. Ayan says he went to convince Krishna, but he’s adamant that Radha did incorrect and he’s going to not accompany her. He continues provoking Radha towards Krishna, and Radha effortlessly falls for his phrases as usual.

Kans reaches his royal courtroom. protect chant his name. Radha enters next after other mukhiya’s input. Guards take Radha’s name as Barsana’s rani Radha rani. Akroor greets all mukhiyas and says king Kans has extended taxes via a hundred%, if all of them agree with his selection. Ayan provokes Radha to oppose Kans’ selection. Krishna hopes Radha will now not oppose. Radha falls for Ayan’s trick and opposes Kans that they can not pay 100% growth in taxes. Kans announces her a rise up and orders to position her in prison. Radha stands bowled over. Krishna feels disillusioned with Radha’s decision.

Krishna gives ethical gyaan that rain drop is pure and cold; if they fall on leaves, they’re potable to fed on as water, and if it falls into sea shell, it becomes pearl; it shows their companionship changes their destiny; further one’s companionship comes to a decision their gift and destiny.

Precap Upcoming Radha Krishna episode update: Kans orders to throw Radha in jail. Krishna thinks Radha’s decision is most crucial now. Kans orders next to deliver Radha in the front of him now. Radha is introduced in front of him. Balram indicators Krishna that Radha is heading towards loss of life.


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