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Krishna asks Chandravali where did she gain her big expertise from. Chandravali says from a saint with the aid of serving him. He says let us have lunch. Kirtida says Chandravali is a notable poet. Krishna insists her to recite her poem and says even Balram Dau wants to listen to her poem. Chandravali starts a poem. Radha completes it with a funny story.

Krishna says a few human beings don’t have cannot apprehend poem, so allow us to talk while having meals. Balram takes him aside and asks why he is troubling Radha, she is very indignant. Krishna says Radha is bothered by means of jealousy.

Balram asks how will he unfastened Radha from jealousy. Krishna says he will now not reveal this time as Balram usually well-known shows their plan to others. Radha assessments food utensils and asks Kirtida why did now not she put together her favoured dishes. Kirtida says whilst visitor arrives, we have to prepare guest’s preferred food. Krishna with Balram returns. Radha serves them all food.

Krishna enjoys meals praising that Chandravali’s meals desire is excellent. as soon as finished, he offers Chandravali to show her Vrindavan. She agrees. Radha says allow her end food. Krishna says she has to additionally have sat with them and walks away with Chandravali.

Ayan sees Krishna’s pals playing and asks wherein is Krishna. Krishna passes through with Chandravali. Ayan greets her. Krishna says Ayan is Radha’s old pal, so he knows Radha’s cousin Chandravali. he is taking Chandravali from there. Ayan is amused seeing Krishna’s attention toward Chandravali. Balram name callings Ayan if he is amused seeing Krishna with Chandravali in place of Radha, he is aware of what the method. Ayan stands fuming and follows Chandravali and Krishna.

Krishna takes Chandravali to Vrindavan’s lawn and senses Ayan following them. Ayan hides seeing Radha also following them. Chandravali says she did no longer see this type of stunning garden in lifestyles. Krishna says till her eyes attain, complete location is Vrindavan and gives her fruit. She says it is very tasty.

Krishna says even birds right here are precise. Radha watches them jealously. Krishna says this location is so stunning because of one person. Chandravali asks who’s it. Krishna says Radha and keeps that once Radha’s it fell on this ground, entire vicinity turned into a lovely garden. Radha gets a happy hearing that. Krishna continues praising Radha. Chandravali asks if he and Radha are buddies or enemies as Radha warned her towards him.

Krishna says Radha is a fool and he or she does no longer have any mind to suppose, so Chandravali should no longer hassle. Radha stands fuming. Chandravali maintains thinking Krishna and asks if he and Radha are in love then. Krishna says no. Radha stands bowled over listening to that…

Krishna offers moral gyaan that one has to be knowing people whom they bear in mind egocentric as they may be now not seen for years and are available to them simplest when assistance is wanted, they get irritated and think of now not helping them, however they ought to continually assist human beings as people seek help most effective from competent human beings and one have to be thankful that God made them equipped.

Precap:- Vishaka takes Radha to reveal Krishna dancing with Chandravali and Gopis. Radha thinks how ought to she now not listen bansuri sound and how can Krishna dance without her.

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