Radha Krishna 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Radha feeling pain on seeing Krishna’s condition. Radha is upset to see Chandravali preserving Krishna’s hand. She complains Krishna for giving rights to Chandravali on his love.

Balram hopes for Radha to come and treat Krishna. before Radha should reach out to Krishna, Vishaka takes her away.

Vishaka instigates Radha towards Chandravali and Krishna. She advises her to accept Krishna and Chandravali’s relation.

Balram talks to unconscious Krishna and seeks his steerage. He asks Krishna to wake up and tell him what to do on this critical hour.

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Vaidya Shri informs Yashoda that the drugs are not operating on Krishna. Jhatila advises them to take Krishna to Mathura as there’s a framed Vaid there.

Balram refuses to take Krishna to Mathura. He says Krishna’s remedy is in Vrindavan itself. Balram fails to forestall them.

Chandravali informs Radha that Krishna’s condition is worsening. Radha prays to God to take her life but store Krishna’s lifestyles.

Vishaka talks ill about Krishna. Radha rebukes Vishaka.

Radha comes to fulfil Krishna. She pleads in front of Krishna to awaken and speak to her. She says she will do the whole lot for him.

Radha breaks down in tears. She walks away whilst Krishna fails to recover. Balram receives thrilled to see Radha back.

Balram comes to Radha. He says he feels that if Krishna will be taken to Mathura, he will never return to Vrindavan.

Balram says only Radha can store Krishna’s life. He begs Radha to do something.

Radha says Krishna is dearest to her and she will change her very own lifestyles to bring Krishna returned to lifestyles.

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