Radha Krishna 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Angry Radha coming in the front of Chandravali and Krishna. Krishna questions her approximately her presence in Vrindavan.

Radha says she is here to name Chandravali to be part of her sport. Krishna begins gambling his flute. Radha gets lost within the track of the flute.

Chandravali praises Krishna and the sweet melody of his flute. Radha and Chandravali stroll away.

Krishna feels terrible whilst Radha didn’t come on hearing the voice of the flute. He talks to himself and says that jealousy has grown inside Radha.

Krishna says now to end jealousy in Radha’s coronary heart, Radha and Krishna will have to face pain.

Chandravali questions Radha if she loves Krishna. Radha refuses. Chandravali finds it difficult to believe Radha’s words. Radha attempts to cover up the scenario.

Chandravali hugs Radha and thanks her to reduce the weight on her coronary heart.

Ayan comes to Krishna and asks him if he had a fight with Radha. He asks Ayan to convince Radha and praise him in front of Radha.

Ayan says this will no longer paintings. Krishna sends a message for Radha via Ayan.

Radha stocks her feelings with God’s idol. Ayan comes there and informs Radha that Krishna doesn’t care approximately her anymore.

Ayan horrific mouths Krishna in front of Radha. Radha stops him not to mention whatever terrible approximately Krishna.

He additionally instigates Radha in opposition to Krishna.

Radha’s pal takes Radha to reveal Krishna and Chandravali doing Raas in Vrindavan. Radha receives greatly surprised to peer Krishna and Chandravali together.

Radha walks away.

The written update of 20 February 2019 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

Precap:- Chandravali confesses her love in the front of Radha

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