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Krishna tells Chandravali that there’s nothing among him and Radha. Radha walks to him and asks what’s he announcing. Krishna gets worried and asks why did she come here. Radha says she and her pals are gambling game and need one greater participant, so she came to take Chandravali. She holds Chandravali’s hand and drags her speedy. Chandravali asks her to slow down. Radha says she is brief of time. Krishna performs bansuri/flute. Radha stoops hearing that and enjoys the tune. Chandravali asks why did she forestall. Radha says she herself informed to forestall. Chandravali asks who is gambling such a lovely bansuri. Radha says Krishna and takes Chandravali from there. Krishna stops gambling bansuri and sadly says Radha’s jealousy has grown from a seed to plant, and she or he is troubling even him alongside herself. He turns and sees Ayan standing.

Radha with Chandravali reaches the playground. Chandravali asks where are her friends. Radha acts as calling them and says they have to have long past domestic looking forward to them, even she will be able to pass home. Chandravali asks what goes on between her and Krishna. Radha says nothing. Chandravali says her behaviour and words don’t match, the manner she behaves with Balram and Krishna. Radha says Balram is like her brother. Chandravali asks what about Krishna. Radha says they’re simply friends and generally fight for petty troubles. Chandravali gets glad. Radha says let us move domestic now. Chandravali says Krishna has called her and he or she will move and meet him. Radha gets jealous. Chandravali asks if she can now not accompany her. Radha says no. Chandravali happily walks away.

Ayan asks Krishna if he and Radha fought. Krishna says yes for petty trouble and as Radha’s pal if Ayan can provide an explanation for her to think on what he told. Ayan says he can not assist. Krishna asks him to praise him in front of Radha. Ayan fumes in anger and thinks that he will die than praising Krishna and acting says Krishna has to remedy his hassle himself, he can’t help. He then walks to Radha and provokes her that Krishna isn’t always an awesome boy, he knows she has a sense for Krishna, but did no longer she see how Krishna’s attention modified toward Chandravali due to the fact that she got here and he’s ignoring Radha. Radha says it’s miles none on his enterprise and walks away. Ayan then informs his mom Jatila about Krishna’s interest in Chandravali. Jatila says he should keep developing confusion among Krishna, Radha, and Chandravali and try and benefit Krishna’s friendship greater to execute their plan.

Radha returns home thinking about Ayan’s word. Vishakha says she needs to show her something and takes her to garden wherein Krishna is doing Raas leela/dance with Chandravali and Gopis. Radha is stunned due to the fact and thinks how can Krishna do raas leela with out her and why did not she listen bansuri sound. Krishna thinks her jealousy is preventing her from hearing bansuri sound and raas is for absolutely everyone and now not only for Radha. Radha stands burning in jealousy and anger.

Krishna offers ethical Gyaan that human is an unusual animal; whilst he does not have money, he dreams and takes a risky course to prevail, and when he succeeds, he receives afraid to take risk considering dropping what he won; so one has to usually pick out demanding situations in life and no longer fears.

Precap:- Chandravali excitedly tells Radha that she thinks she loves Krishna. Radha says she has to recognize Krishna’s true face. Chandravali says now Krishna has to clear the stance and asks Krishna what Radha instructed is right?

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