Radha Krishna 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Chandravali telling Krishna about Radha’s feedback. She narrates all the allegations Radha has made upon him.

Krishna says if Radha has stated all this, then it is proper. He asks Chandravali to stay far from him as he doesn’t deserve absolutely everyone’s friendship.

Vishaka tells Radha that Krishna is doing all this to impress Chandravali. Radha fails to understand something.

Vishaka comes to Jhatila and says that she cannot hurt Radha more on her commands. Jhatila threatens Vishaka now not to backstab her otherwise she will trap her in her evil game.

Radha comes to a decision to attain out to Krishna to settle the variations. On her way, she meets Balram. abruptly, she sees Radha and Chandravali together.

Krishna tells Chandravali that he loves Radha immensely and usually tries to assist her out. He adds that Radha additionally loves him plenty.

Chandravali informs Krishna that Radha has advised her that she by no means loved Krishna. Balram questions Radha for her conduct.

Radha says she did all this in her anger. Balram states that he doesn’t recognise whatever about Krishna’s decision.

Krishna fails to agree with that Radha may want to speak sick about him. He says he’s all alone.

Chandravali says she has started respecting him even more. She guarantees him no longer to interrupt their friendship.

She provides that she can help him in getting over Radha. Radha gets sad seeing all this.

Radha hurts herself while recalling approximately Krishna’s words. Chandravali informs Radha about her assembly with Krishna.

Radha asks Chandravali to pursue her friendship with Chandravali

The written update of twenty-two February 2019 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

Precap:- Krishna problems Radha and her pals.


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