Radha Krishna 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna complaining his mom for always believing Radha and punishing him. Yashodha apologizes to Krishna.

Krishna thank you Chandravali for saving him. Yashodha lashes out at Radha for compelling her to punish Krishna.

She asks her to apologize to Krishna. Radha seeks Krishna’s apologies and walks away.

Radha gets irritated on Chandravali for taking Krishna’s aspect in front of Yashodha. Chandravali states that she couldn’t see Krishna in any such pitiful circumstance and so helped him.

Radha questions Chandravali for her unusual conduct toward Krishna. Chandravali confesses that she is in love with Krishna.

Chandravali feels that Krishna too loves her.

Balram and Krishna get stunned to listen to Chandravali’s phrases.

Radha counters Chandravali by pronouncing that Krishna can by no means love her. Chandravali says she will specific her love to Krishna tonight.

Vishakha informs Ayan and his mom about Chandravali’s love for Krishna. She provides that she feels that Krishna too loves her.

Ayan comes to a decision to find the truth by seeing Krishna and Chandravali together.

Balram attempts to prevent Krishna from going out of the house to satisfy Chandravali. Radha comes to a decision to follow Chandravali.

Krishna walks away even as Balram falls asleep. Radha starts following Chandravali. Balram and Ayan also come to the jungle.

Radha meets Balram and the 2 begin following the voice of Krishna’s flute.

Krishna asks Chandravali to take a seat subsequent to him on his swing. Radha receives disheartened seeing Krishna and Chandravali collectively.

Chandravali confesses her love for Krishna.

The written replace of 25 February 2019 Radha Krishna episode tale ends.

Precap: Krishna confesses his love for Chandravali. Radha walks away in tears.


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