Radha Krishna 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

RadhaKrishna 25 Mar episode begins with Krishna and Chandravali starting their arrangements for their special play. Radha asks her mom if she could also act within the play.

Jhatila stops Radha through announcing that she is the mukhiya of the village. Krishna starts his play dedicated to the story of Holika Dahan.

Krishna requests Jhatila to be part of the play and essay the role of Holika. He asks Radha to loosen up the diya to mark the begin of the play.

Krishna narrates the play. Krishna attempts to give an explanation for that God never supports every body who is incorrect.

Krishna says a person ought to by no means take satisfaction in any of his/her competencies. He also adds that someone who does wrong has to bear the consequences.

Holika Dahan starts . Krishna says he’ll do the Holika Dahan. Radha receives indignant and says she will be able to do Holika Dahan because she is the mukhiya.

Yashoda asks them now not to fight.

Krishna says Radha and Krishna will do Holika Dahan collectively. Krishna says Barsana and Vrindavan will have fun Holi collectively.

Ayan comes to Krishna and says he can never thieve Radha from him. Krishna says he is properly aware that he attacked Vrijbhaan.

Balram and Ayan bask in a heating communication. Krishna warns Ayan to prevent otherwise he’s going to not be able to forestall Balram.

Krishna states to Ayan that he himself will confess his crime. He says that he will soon go through for his sins. Ayan warns Krishna that he will not permit her put colors on Radha.

Ayan says that if he’s going to fail then he’ll roam around the village by way of protecting his face with black color and if Krishna loses he’ll additionally should do the same.

Krishna takes his mission.

Precap Upcoming Radha Krishn episode update: Radha and Krishna playing Holi Together.


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