Radha Krishna 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chandravali confessing her like to Krishna. Balram receives worried taking note of this.

Radha is assured that Krishna loves her and so will in no way accept every other woman’s love.

Krishna holds Chandravali’s hand and says that he additionally loves her. Radha stands dumbstruck being attentive to Krishna’s phrases.

Radha walks away crying. Balram gets irritated on Krishna and comes to him. He questions Krishna for hurting Radha and forgetting her love.

Goddess Parvati expresses her ache on seeing Krishna and his act. Lord Shiva advises her to await someday as soon Krishna will kind out the entirety.

Radha hides her tears from her father. She helps her mother in serving meals to the brahmins’. Radha feels deep ache remembering Krishna’s words.

Vishaka asks Radha to make Krishna recognize that he has lost her and her love.

Krishna comes to Balram and unearths him indignant. He attempts to make him realize that he is locating him incorrect handiest due to the fact he’s in the influence of his anger.

Chandravali comes there. Krishna reveals that they may be acting in the front of Radha to make her understand her mistake.

Balram receives delighted and forgives Krishna.

Ayan informs Jhatila approximately Krishna’s love for Chandravali. He makes a decision to apply this opportunity and are available close to Radha by means of being her ethical assist.

Jhatila and Ayan disappear suddenly.

Krishna asks Chandravali to have a verbal exchange with Radha.

The written replace of 26 February 2019 Radha Krishna episode tale ends.

Precap: Krishna and Radha have a verbal exchange.


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