Radha Krishna 4th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Radha Krishna 4th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Radha feeding makhan to Krishna from her palms. Krishna wakes up. Yashoda and all and sundry gets happy to peer Krishna nice.

Krishna thanks Radha for saving his existence. Chandravali comes there walking in the direction of Krishna. She receives gladly to look Krishna alive.

Krishna offers credit score to Chandravali for saving his lifestyles. Radha stands dumbstruck and later walks away.

Balram fails to recognize Radha’s surprising trade in conduct. Krishna says we will circulate in the direction of our second phase to free Radha from jealousy.

Kans gets irritated on failing in his plan. Kans attempts to kill Devki along with his weapon but fails. Krishna makes use of his powers and breaks the weapon.

Krishna says soon Kans will die as he has attempted to attack his mom. Devki mocks at Kans by means of saying that Krishna will kill him quickly.

Radha receives irked when Chandravali addresses Yashoda as Maiyan. Vrishbhan proclaims a grand celebration for Mahashivratri.

Yashoda says that this yr Krishna will make shiv ling.

Krishna seeks Chandravali’s assist in doing the chores of the puja.

Radha receives angry on Krishna for deciding on Chandravali over her. Radha says we can preserve a competition of shiv ling making.

Radha chooses Ayan as her partner in making shiv ling.

Goddess Parvati receives tensed seeing Radha getting trapped in the strands of jealousy.

Radha talks to herself as criticizes her decision to team up Krishna and Chandravali. She accuses Chandravali of all the chaos.

Radha says if she will ship away Chandravali then Krishna will haven’t any option other than her. She starts packing Chandravali’s stuff.

Radha asks Chandravali to depart. Chandravali asks Radha if she has any objection on her dating with Krishna.

Radha says Krishna plays with the emotions of women. Chandravali counters her by using saying that she loves Krishna honestly and so trusts him blindly.

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