Radha Krishna 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

RadhaKrishna 5 Apr episode begins with Radha coming to Krishna. Radha unearths Krishna meditating in silence. She plans to trouble him.

Krishna worries about the tax and its implications. Radha advises him not to fear as she will be able to cope with the entirety.

Kans tortures the investors who helped Radha. The investors get afraid of Kans and promise to follow his commands.

Radha asks to open the doorways of the fair. however, she gets bowled over whilst no one suggests up for the fair. Ayan and Jhatila get satisfied.

Radha fails to understand why no person has come to the truthful. Jhatila says we have to locate an alternate solution to the tax hassle.

Radha is assured that soon the villagers will come to visit the fair.

Krishna entertains all of us by means of narrating a tale of Goddess Shailputri. Radha gets dissatisfied as no person visits the fair.

Radha gets stunned to look the investors. The traders demand their loan amount back from Radha at the very moment. Balram says we can pay the mortgage after one month as decided in advance.

The investors threaten Balram. Krishna covers up the scenario. Radha says she didn’t reveal their names. The buyers show the scroll to Radha.

Precap Upcoming Radha Krishn episode update: Radha receives in trouble.


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