Radha Krishna 7th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Radhakrishna begins the July 7 episode by asking Balarama what Krishna learned from his actions. Krishna says that he understands the lesson and asks for help again.

Krishna successfully comforts Balarama in a meeting with Cheat, and sets out to meet Lada himself.

Krishna comes to the tent and starts drawing. Lada wants to go out and see what Krishna is making.

She enters the tent, but Krishna hides the gift. On the other hand, Ayan is concerned with Kansa’s behavior and believes that he needs to endanger Lada to save his mother.

Ayan is about to enter the tent, but is distracted by those who leave the house late at night. He thought that it is Krishna and he decided to follow it.

Krishna continues the story, and Lakshmi states that she was mixed with the waves of the Shia Sea which weakened the power of the other gods.

Narayana instructed all other gods to churn the seas. Shukracharya asks how to run this process and says that Vishnu asks God Mandar for help.

He brings Mandherhill closer to the sea and asks for help from Shiva. They use a vaski snake to tie the hills. Vishnu uses reverse psychology to trap the asuras. Mandarhill falls into the sea and Vishnu changes shape to save him.

Later, Balarama met Chitra and Ayan thought he would meet Krishna. Ayan confronts them and says that they know what they are planning.

Stay tuned with us to know what will happen next in the Radha Krishna

Precap Upcoming updates of Lada Krishna episode: Krishna and Lada celebrate Rada’s birthday and Lakshmi returns from the sea.

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