Radha Krishna Written Update 4th March 2019

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Radha tastes butter and feeds it to Krishna. Krishna opens eyes and sits. Radha and every body around get happy seeing him healthful once more. Krishna walks to Yashoda who asks how is he and he says when her and every person’s love is with him, how can whatever occur to him. He hugs Nand, Balram, and Vrishbhan who thanks Narayan for returning Krishna’s existence. Krishna tells Radha that everybody is thanking Narayan and he is thanking Radha for saving his lifestyles. Radha smiles. Krishna coughs. Radha asks if he wishes water. He says he desires butter. She happily extends her hand to feed him butter whilst Chandravali enters and asks how is he. He says he’s nice and Radha cured him. She says she knowledgeable Radha a way to therapy him. He says then 50% credit score need to to her, in reality a 100% credit have to go to him.

Radha gets jealous and returns to her cart. Balram asks Krishna what happened to Radha. Krishna says jealous has not left her yet and he has to start 2d phase of freeing her from jealousy.
Akroor informs Kans that Krishna were given well earlier than reaching Mathura, so he is returning returned to Vrindavan. Kans angrily thrusts his black magical weapon kaal yantra into floor. Devaki scoffs him that even kaal yantra can not forestall his kaal/cease. Kans angrily shouts what if he kills her and raises kaal yantra to behead her. Vasudev shouts no.. Krishna increases hand noticing it and thinks Kans mama can not dare harm his mom, his quit is nearing soon. Kans tries difficult however fails to even pass his hand. Devaki laughs on him that he cannot do some thing.

lower back domestic, Yashoda insists Krishna have kadha/natural concoction and he runs away. Chandravali asks him to maa. Radha gets extra jealous hearing Chandravali calling Yashoda as maa. Yashoda twists Krishna’s ears and feeds him kadha. Vrishbhan announces that Shivratri is coming and as typical for Shiv pooja, Radha will make shivling from river soil. Kirtida says this time they should deliver a hazard to their visitors Vrindavan. Yashoda says her Krishna will make shivling then. Krishna says he needs someone’s assist. Radha walks in front and thinks now Chandravali will recognize whom Krishna loves. Krishna says Kirtida aunty told they need to give a risk to visitor, so Chandravali will assist him in making shivling. Radha receives more jealous.

In Kailash, Mahadev sees Gowri ji tensed and asks purpose. She says Krishna loves Radha so much, however she is burning in jealousy and harming herself or even krishna. On the alternative side, Radha returns home and packs Chandravali’s clothes. Chandravali asks what’s she doing. Radha says she can’t stay right here now. Chandravali says wants to live right here until holi. Radha insists she cannot and says she is saving her from Krishna’s wickedness. Chandravali says she sees jealousy in Radha and it’s miles ruining her love for Krishna. She admits that loves Krishna and there is no vicinity for jealousy in love.

Krishna offers ethical gyaan with a tale that a blind man or woman went to temple to peer god and those laughed on him that a blind individual have to have come to complain god approximately his unwell fate and to go back his eyesight. Blind person says he is blind but no longer ill fated as Mahadev is looking him; further one have to also now not lose hope and be nice in existence.

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Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Krishna sees Mahadev on earth and asks why he’s meditating in the world as opposed to kailash. Mahadev says shivratri is coming. Krishna introduces Mahadev to Radha as Batuknath.


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