RadhaKrishn 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ravan tells Sita that Ram never deserved her. Sita says he doesn’t know who Ram is. Ravan says Ram is a beggar who couldn’t take care of his wife and fulfill promises made during wedding. Sita says Ram is the one who followed all his promises and offered her love even in jungle, he changes even cruel persons with his love. She continues describing Ram’s qualities and warns him to be afraid of Ram. Ravan asks if Ram can protect her now, he can drag her forcefully to his room and make her his patrani. A grass straw falls in Sita’s hand. She prays that if her love and devotion for Ram is pure, Ravan should burn alive before crossing this stray. Ravan says he is king of all 3 worlds and nothing is impossible for him. Sita says Ram will reach here and take her away after kill Ravan.Radha continues story how Hanuman met Ram for the first time and Ram emotionally hugged him. Krishna says he gets emotional tears remembering Hanuman. Balram says there is no bigger disciple than Ram and one feels joyous remembering Hanuman. Nand says already 7 days have passed and women haven’t sold even 50% of goods, how will they sell remaining goods in 3 days, it is better to accept their defeat. Vrishbhan says they have to submit Krishna to Kans. Yashoda says Kans may harm Krishna. Nand says they will apologize Kans and try to save Krishna.

Krishna signals Radha to smile. Radha’s friend says Krishna’s guidance is not helping them and they couldn’t sell even 50% of goods. Yashoda asks if he is joking on them. Krishna says still 3 days are left. Akroor walks in and tries to use Mahaya’s weapon. Krishna notices him and says after 2 days there is Dussehra celebration and all 108 village people will attend it and buy all the goods. Akroor walks away thinking as king Kans says he has to use it at the right time. Balram says this weapon will create disaster. Krishna says lady of love Radha will fail it.

Radha imagines Hanuman is one of Mahadev’s form and thinks now she knows what she has to do. She prepares Mahadev’s ling. Krishna walks to her and asks what is she doing. She says if he is in direct contact with Mahadev, like he says she is his soulmate and is also closer to Mahadev. Krishna says she is realizing truth so fast. Radha prays Mahadev to help them in completing her challenge and making Barsana market successful. Mahadev gets emotional hearing this. Gowri asks why is he getting emotional. Mahadev says Radha realized that he is his brother and is seeking help. Gowri asks if he will go. He says definitely. Gowri asks if he will go like this. Mahadev says he will go in a new form. Gowri asks which form.

Radha tells Yashoda that they sold lots of goods today. Yashoda says only 1 day is left. Radha asks not to worry as they will complete their target soon. Akroor thinks he will use the weapon tomorrow and will divide men and women, then Radha cannot complete her challenge. Radha walks to Balram and offers him laddoos. Balram asks reason. Radha says they sold lots of good today and will complete target by tomorrow. Balram asks if she is not trying to protect Krishna from Kans. Radha says she is and Krishna doesn’t have to go to Kans. Krishna walks in and asks if she is so much worried for him. Radha smiles. Krishna asks him to go and rest as it is late night. Balram says looks like story will end soon. Krishna says today is navami and goodness will win over evil on dashami.

Precap: Hanuman drops Ram’s finger ring in front of Sita. Sita thinks how did it come here. Akroor thinks when he will use this weapon tomorrow and will see how Radha will succeed in her target.


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