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Krishna discloses to Radha that there are numerous things and on the off chance that she will most likely offer them all. Radha says why not as these are Krishna’s most loved things. When she leaves, Balram asks Krishna what will he sell when he has given every one of his things to Radha. Krishna says those are Radha’s Krishna’s things. Radha demonstrates Krishna’s slow down board and declares individuals to purchase Krishna’s things for 10 coins. They ask what the can do in the event that it is Krishna’s things and 10 coins are all around exorbitant for this. On the opposite side, Ayan reveals to Jatila they ought to demolish this mela at any expense. Jatila says Kans would send some asur/beast. A couple of children enter thundering like beast. Ayan asks who are these children. Children state he isn’t kid, he is Makdikasur sent by Kans, where should he begin calamity. Jatila indicates him way.

Radha keeps attempting to sell Krishna’s things, however nobody gets them. Krishna conveying bamboo sticks and welcomes a bystander companion. He strolls to Radha and says she more likely than not sold a ton of things. She says she couldn’t even subsequent to telling they are Krishna’s things. Krishna says he will get ready bansuris. Radha stops him and requests to attempt and sell his things now. Krishna reports his things for 2 coins each. Radha says she needs 10 coins in any event. Krishna requests that her illustrate. She attempts yet flops again and says why individuals are not accepting even in the wake of telling they are Krishna’s. Krishna says they are inadequate with regards to Radha’s affection in it as Krishna is fragmented without Radha. Radha indignantly requests that he proceed to make bansuris and stay away forever till he finishes all. Krishna picks bamboo sticks and leaves saying he will plans pretty bansuris and leaves.

Jatila and Ayan bring Makdikasur and seeing Krishna going celebrate. Makdikasur changes to a bug-looking beast/asur from children and begins obliterating all slows down. Radha cautions asur that she willl not let him devastate Krishna’s things, however asur succeeds. Krishna sees asur and keeps running towards mela. Balram irately endeavors to stop asur, however he swings back to children and breaks. Radha feels dismal seeing Krishna things completely broken allover. Ayan and Jatila grin. They reach Kans and illuminate that Makdikasur wrecked entire mela. Kans giggles and says now Radha can’t pay her obligation and Krishna needs to approach and support her.

In Basana, everybody feel pitiful seeing mela devastated. Krishna supports them that today is another devi’s day and portraying devi’s story says devi will enable them to remake mela once more. Radha comes back to her room and unfortunately endeavors to fix Krishna’s things. Krishna strolls to her and offers assistance. She says she will fix only it and exhaust over Makdikasur who decimated entire mela and wants to crush him. Krishna says thathasthu… Radha asks what. Krishna grins.

Krishna gives moral gyan that human is made of psyche, which envisions and makes one endeavor to satisfy their objectives, mind gets towards eager and brain gets them towards destroyal; however on the off chance that gets into right way, it can toss them towards progress; if mind is under our control, it is our slave, and if controls us, it is our manager and obliterates us.

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Precap: Balram with his companions returns toward the beginning of the day and is interested to see Mela back to its brilliance once more, asks who did this. Radha says she did it. Balram says she would have taken their assistance as opposed to working alone. Jatila thinks Makdikasur will crush mela once more. Krishna cautions Makdikasur to return back, else he will be murdered.


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