RadhaKrishn 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Balram praises that his way of feeding Radha and having her tasted meals is specific. Krishna smiles and says nowadays special guest is coming. Radha seems at Krishna’s peacock feather and it’s so stunning. Shuka says if it’s far Krishna’s, then it is very bad, he can get her better peacock feather than this.. Balram keeps insisting Krishna to inform who is coming. Krishna simply smiles. Radha walks in and asks Krishna to take lower back his present Shuka as Shuka is badmouthing about anybody. Krishna alerts. Radha asks to speak. Krishna thank you her for taking returned her promise and speaks fortuitously, he asks if Shuka badmouthed everyone or him, says talented given with love should by no means be lower back and it’s far his token of affection. Radha walks away taking lower back Shuka. Krishna says their love is for all time.

Kans is going to Patal lok and meets Ekdansh. Ekdansh asks why did he come here. Kans says he is aware of about Ekdansh’s superpowers and boon. Ekdansh asks not to invite something in an effort to give up his personal lifestyles. Kans says why don’t he pop out of patal lok. Ekdansh says if he bites someone, he will become regular snake and will lose his immortal fame. Kans says it’s far higher to come out than living in exile and he’ll make Asur lok’s raja if he comes out. Ekdansh asks why will he accomplish that. Kans says because he is Asur lok’s king.. Ekdansh is of the same opinion. Kans laughs questioning Krishna will die soon.

Ayan expresses his displeasure dwelling with Radha and due to her Balram delivered Krishna’s prepared kheer. Jatila says she knows, so she has a plan to degrade Radha in Ugrapath’s eyes. She asks Radha to accompany her for grocery buying in order that she will be able to manage even grocery shopping from hereon. She asks to pick out a bag, that is torn, and comply with her. They reach market and keep grocery. Jatila asks Radha to head domestic now and smirks thinking Radha will drop all grocery through torn bag and Ugrapath will scold her. Krishna takes Balram forcefully to marketplace and insists to shop for him a present. he’s taking him to shoe shop and asks to pick pricey footwear. whilst Balram selects footwear for himself and asks Krishna to pay, he finds Krishna escaped already. Radha drops all grocery from bag and receives tensed. Krishna notices that.

Precap: Krishna offers Radha to supply grocery to her domestic. Radha says she cannot take his assist. Radha returns domestic and Krishna pops out of grocery trunk.


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