RadhaKrishn 15th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vrishbhan says Krishna is a decent kid and she can clarify him after marriage. She says she has some significant work and takes him out. Ayan returns and his folks celebrate. Radha says she made Ayan understand his duties and brought him back. Ayan says Radha gave her kinship guarantee and made him return back, presently he will deal with Radha’s wedding courses of action. Ugrapath genuinely much appreciated her. Krishna enters furiously asking how might they do any gathering without him. Vrishbhan reminds that he can’t meet Radha for 3 days. Krishna says he effectively educated that he doesn’t trust in this well established customs.

Ayan defies he can’t affront their ceremonies. Krishna cautions him that Ayan is Radha’s simply companion and he is her future spouse, so Ayan should mind his tongue. He at that point calls Vrishbhan as sasurji and says he needs to deal with his even moment needs. Radha goes about as blowing up and cautions him to carry on with her dad. Vrishbhan requests that Krishna go from that point. Radha likewise furiously says same. Krishna goes about as leaving, the two of them meet after at some point and cry embracing one another. Radha asks how might he ruin his very own picture. Krishna says he needs to do this to break their union, he needs to make Vrishbhan irate on him and clean Ayan’s picture so that Vrishbhan despises him and preferences Ayan. He approaches her to be prepared for tomorrow’s greatest accident.

Vrishbhan sees Ayan and solicits where is he meandering rather from dealing with Radha’s wedding courses of action. Ayan gestures truly, however exhaust figuring for what reason should he deal with his very own sweetheart’s wedding courses of action. Radha strolls to him. He asks how might she wed a pompous, law breaker, and so on man. Radha says Krishna isn’t so much terrible, however he doesn’t care for following ceremonies, she blows up when he hits the dance floor with different young ladies during the evening, if Ayan can clarify him. Ayan keeps reviling about Krishna. Radha feels tragic hearing terrible about Krishna. Balram strolls to Krishna and inquires as to whether he can’t regard seniors and avoid Radha for 3 days. Krishna says he can’t. Balram says let us proceed to have sustenance. Krishna says he needs to do raas leela/hit the dance floor with young ladies, so Balram can return home. Balram asks how might he do this. Ayan hears their discussion and smiles figuring today he will demolish Krishna’s picture.

Precap: Krishna does raas leela. Ayan brings Vrishbhan and Kirtida there. Vrishbhan irately yells Krishna… .


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