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Nand and his group get prepared to journey lower back to Barsana after Shiv pooja whilst climate modifications and rain begins. Jatila yells she already informed to leave this region, but they didn’t listen. Nand says they should depart this area as quickly as feasible earlier than hurricane begins in Yamuna. Kans searching at sky laughs saying Yamuna’s typhoon will flow Krishna away. Balram insists Krishna to allow him sit down in his carty. Krishna says no. Balram says last time he didn’t permit him accompany, now he will at any value. Krishna asks him to laugh and says even then no. Gopis walk to Krishna and says they may accompany him. Krishna says he cannot even see or hear properly because of dirt, all of them can accompany Balram in his cart. Radha walks toward Krishna wondering she can know who he’s at any fee nowadays.

Krishna asks her to head and take a seat with Balram, however she forcefully sits in his cart. Balram says now he is aware of why he sent him away. Krishna drives his automobile with Radha. Ayan searches Radha and says he’ll go with Radha. Balram name callings him that he can’t deal with himself and is considering shielding Radha. Jatila drags Ayan along with her.
Balram drives cart with Gopis and they say they playing journeying with Krishna, however Balram Dau is dull. Balram says even he can sing for them and sings. Bulls prevent hearing his track. Gopis asks to prevent singing as even bulls can’t tolerate his tune. Radha questions Krishna at the same time as touring. Krishna calls Shuka and says he’s taking Radha for Shuka’s sake. Radha asks if he isn’t involved for her. Krishna says he is involved for his friend Shuka. Radha fumes that Shuka is Krishna’s secret agent and changed into appearing as her friend.

Kans tells Shukhracharya that Krishna should be achieving Barsana, he’s going to spoil Yamuna’s barrier and make her glide Krishna to Mathura. Shukhracharya warns him to attend till his order. In Barsana, Ugrapath sees typhoon emerging in Yamuna and tells Vrishbhan that cows have become out of manage. Vrishbhan says they can’t control herbal calamity, however not able to bear cows’ cries comes to a decision to stroll out of his residence when thunder falls in front of him. Ugrapath says he will not let Vrishbhan chance his lifestyles. Krishna disguised as Gopal enters with a calf and introduces himself as Gopal and calf as his sister Gowri; he says cow protects him and he protects cow, cow is his mom and as a cowherd his responsibility is to attend to cows, he turned into passing by way of and stopped listening to cows crying, however his sister Gowri does not want him to stay here. Vrishbhan asks motive. Gopal says while they are unable to calm cows, how can he stay there. Vrishbhan says he’s helpless and seeks help. Gopal says they could take safe haven in the back of mountain as he came via that path and the region is safe.

Krishna offers moral gyaan that one knows nature through watching it, eyes which see nature are very small; they have

Precap: Krishna with Radha, Ayan, and Jatila acts as losing way; Ayan yells at him. Kans does havan and says with final mantra, Yamuna will drift away Krishna and his end will start.


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