RadhaKrishn 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Narayan takes Varaha avatar and warns Hiranyaksha to return back earth to its original position. Hiranyaksha warns Varaha that he will kill him easily and throws weapon on Varaha. Their fight starts and continues for years. Finally, Varaha kills Hiranyaksha and gets back earth to its original place. Varaha then marries Bhoodevi with all gods’ blessings. Krishna continues describing Radha this is how Narayan and Lakshmi reunited again. Radha says it was a memorable event. Krishna emotionally says he cannot forget that incident. Radha asks why can’t he. Krishna smiles. Radha asks him how did Asur Hiranyaksha forget to take Varaha’s name. Krishna says when a person’s intelligence is masked by arrogance, one makes mistakes, Hiranyaksha considered Varaha as cheap and low and didn’t realize Varaha’s beauty and power; this story reminds that internal beauty is everything and not external beauty, so one should love a person’s nature and not body. He says 3rd chapter of love is complete.

Kans scolds Jatila and Ayan that he cannot end Krishna until they both make mistakes, he tried even saam daam dand and failed; rishi Durvasa and asurs also couldn’t defeat Krishna. Jatila says Krishna’s dear ones are his strength and weakness, why don’t we snatch Krishna’s dear ones. Kans says they are fools to think like this, they will make sure that Krishna’s dear ones will try to snatch his life, he will see if Krishna will protect himself or kill his dear ones. Ayan asks how will this happen. Kans says he will make his impossible thing possible and make Krishna’s dear ones and Radha against him and then Krishna will have die then. He asks them to close their eyes as a great asur power will emerge here. Balram notices that via telepathy and asks Krishna what is Kans going to do. Krishna says this game is getting more dangerous, Kans is provoking powers which will harm the world. Balram asks what about Radha. Krishna asks not to worry about Radha as she understood 3 stories of love and her mind is stable. Balram asks what will he do this time. Krishna says he will not do anything this time but Radha will and it will be Radha’s most difficult phase of life and exam. Balram asks what will Kans do now.

Kans calls a beautiful asur woman Sammohona. Sammohona asks Kans why did he call her. Kans asks if he can open his eyes as everyone knows that nobody in this universe can look into her eyes and cannot get hypnotized. Samhona says he can open his eyes. Kans opens his eyes followed by Ayan and Jatila. Sammohona asks what he wants her to do. Kans says she has to hypnotize whole Barsana except Krishna and Jatila. Sammohona says everyone need to be present at one place for that. Ayan says he is Kans’ aide and will help her. Kans tells her that Ayan and Jatila look like humans, but are dangerous than asurs. Sammohona says she knows what to do and walks around Barsana hypnotizing humans and even animals.

Krishna gets serious seeing that. Radha walks to her and asks what is he thinking, he didn’t even notice her coming, if the next story is more serious. Krishna says next story has a more serious teaching. Radha asks what is it. Krishna asks what if her dear ones go against her, if she will fight with them or submit herself.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that many of us feel ourselves as failure and think we didn’t get anything till now and will not, so we throw all our weight on someone else; we need to understand that until we face trouble, we cannot succeed in life. We have to face our responsibility/weight on ourselves instead of troubling others.

Precap: Krishna asks Radha again what if her dear ones go against her, if she will fight with them or submit herself. Barsana people ask Vrishbhan that all their butter and milk got spoilt, what will they do now. Ayan says Radha has solution for that.


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