RadhaKrishn 20th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna asks Radha what if her dear ones go against her and want to take her life, what will she do. Radha asks what kind of question is this. Krishna asks to imagine if it happens to her, what will she do. Radha says she doesn’t have any answer for that. Krishna says she has to find answer herself, but he can help her with continuing the story. He makes her sit and starts story that after Hiranyaksha’s death, his brother Hiranyakashipu performed Brahma’s pooja/tapsya and sought boon that nobody should kill him, not even gods, asurs, animals, evils, varaha, not on earth or sky, not inside house or outside house, nobody should be more powerful than him. Brahma gives boon. Hiranyakashipu laughs that Narayan tricked and killed his brother Hiranyaksha, now he will take revenge from Narayan. He tortures humans on earth and humans pray Narayan for help. Lakshmi ji asks Narayan if he will not go for help. Narayan says he helps his disciples when they call her by heart, not in fear. Hiranyakashipu continues torturing humans while his own son Prahlad is busy praying Narayan. He shouts at Prahlad that whole world considers him god and chants his name, but his own son his busy praying his enemy Narayan. He tries all sort of ways to stop Prahlad from praying Narayan but fails. Narayan protects Prahlad many times. Finally tired, Hiranyakashipu seeks his sister Holika’s help who sits under fire with Prahlad to burn him alive as she got a boon of not burning in fire.

Krishna says Prahlad’s dear ones tried to kill him and what should Prahlad do now. Radha hears people discussing god has cursed them and asks Krishna to go now and continue his story later. They both reach people where people complain Vrishbhan that all their butter and milk, how will they survive now. Ayan says Radha will give solution for their problem like she did with rishi Ashtavakra and him. People plead Radha to give them a solution. Radha tells Vrishbhan that Barsana and Vrindavan prepares butter and ghee and sells them far away in markets, due to travel their butter gets sour, so if they can create a market in Barsana where surround 108 village people can sell their products, they all will benefit. Nand says he and Vrishbhan are mukhiyas from years, but didn’t get such a novel idea. Everyone praise Radha’s idea. Ugrapath says they need huge wealth to create this type of market, where will they get it. Radha says they will manage somehow Ugrapath scolds Radha for creating hope in people’s mind, if she fails, his family name will be spoilt. Ayan and Jatila smirk seeing this.

Radha walks to Krishna and explaining him situation asks how will she get wealth to build market. Radha jokes that Lakshmi devi is worried for wealth. Radha asks to stop joking. Krishna says earth returns whatever they seed they sow, if she gives him wealth seed, he will grow wealth tree for her. Radha gives him pearl from her ring and walks away. Krishna thinks devi of wealth is worried unnecessarily.

Precap: Radha is amazed to see pearl tree and thinks how is it possible. Krishna showers pearls on her and says these are love pearls and this place will be called motikund from hereon. Ayan tells Jatila that Sammohana will hypnotize whole Barsana now. Krishna looks concerned.


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