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Chandravali receives concerned locating Soham’s letter missing and whilst Radha returns letter asks wherein did she take it, she turned into so involved, and asks how did she like Soham. Balram with Krishna watches hiding and says Radha knows that Sopham is a crook. Radha reminisces Krishna telling that Soham clearly loves Chandravali and says he is a good boy and is perfect for her. Chandravali rejoices hearing that. Krishna receives concerned. Balram says impossible, while Radha is aware of the whole lot, why she is doing this. Krishna says blind love which modifications character’s identity. Balram says they’re heading in the direction of larger hassle. In Kailash, Gowri mata sees typhoon and asks Mahadev what is happening. Mahadev says his ardent disciple is asking him him. Gowri mata asks who. Mahadev says Kans. Gowri mata asks if he has to head and provide Kans’ want. Mahadev says if he fulfills Kans’ prayers, Krsihna could be in hassle, so he has to head and meet Krishna straight away.

Chandravali nervously tries to talk to Radha. Radha asks what, if she does not need to talk, she can cross. Chandravali says her parents have come and Radha need to cross and convince them for Chandravali and Soham’s wedding. Radha says even Narayan cannot help who can not help themselves and reminisces Krishna telling his buddy identical. Chandravali asks what if her dad and mom reject Soham. Radha says she has to take her stance herself first as consistent with Krishna’s advice and speak to her parents.

Krishna walks near cliff stop to fulfill Mahadev. Mahadev emerges there and says Kans is doing rigorous meditation and calling him. Krishna says it’s far his obligation which he has to observe. Mahadev says he is sensing an upcoming hassle and he is concerned about Krishna, Radha, and whole world. Krishna says once more Mahadev need to observe his duty while he protects Radha and whole global. Mahadev greets him and leaves.

At Radha’s residence, Vrisbhan thanks his brother Deodhar for bringing gifts for him. Brother says it become his duty. Chandravali’s mother says Chandravali is always eager to return here. Chandravali walks in and nervously says she wishes to speak. Kirtida praises Chandravali that she is stunning and obedient daughter. Chandravali gets tensed and asks Radha how to tell her dad and mom that she has chosen her existence companion. Radha suggests her to follow her heart and if her love is proper, her mother and father will agree, that is the right time she inform them. Chandravali walks to her dad and mom and says she loves a person. parents are greatly surprised listening to this and asks what is all this. Radha tells her dad and mom that Chandravali loves someone. Vrishbhan fumes and says Radha knows he does no longer like several this. Radha says they ought to admire Chandravali’s emotions. Her uncle says without understanding a boy, a way to approve. Radha requests to satisfy boy as even she favored him. Krishna via telepathy hears that and gets greater concerned for Radha. Vrishbhan says if Radha says, there may be no damage in meeting that boy, but if Chandravali’s mother and father reject her choice, Chandravali has to forget about that boy; he also asks Radha if she is a hundred% convinced with this alliance. Radha remninisces Krishna’s approval and says she is one hundred% satisfied and takes obligation. Balram asks Krishna how can Radha take responsibility blindly. Krishna says love is blind and whatever the give up is, he will guide Radha.

Kans continues doing havan and in search of Mahadev and warns if Mahadev does no longer emerge, he’s going to burn himself in havan fire, entering into havan. Mahadev’s frame additionally burns with Kans.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that on occasion if a person degrades them, they feel insulted and unhappy, however there may be no want for that as few human beings call him Murlidhar, few trickster, few Mohan, few makhan chor/butter thief; it does no longer affect him at all as his deeds talk loud.

Precap: Kans asks Mahadev to present him idea to kill Krishna. Mahadev says to give up Krishna,, he has to quit love. Kans says he’s going to give up Radha and Krishna’s love.


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