RadhaKrishn 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna asks Balram if he will accompany him Balram asks to tell why he is leaving Radha alone. Krishna says it is necessary as in the future there will be a fierce battle and Radha has to prepare herself for that battle, she will clear that test and fulfill fourth promise of love. Balram says he will not leave Radha alone. Krishna asks if he trusts him or not and hypnotizes him. Balram stands still. Krishna says he is sure Balram will fight with him after he is out of hypnotism, makes him sit and leaves.

Radha returns to her father and others who in hypnotized condition holding weapons walk towards her to attack her. Radha pleads Vrishban to not attack as she cannot fight with him, she calls Krishna for help and reminisces Krishna telling she has to fight like Prahlad fought with his dear ones and giving her a most powerful weapon. She calls Krishna again for help. Weapon emerges in her hand and emerges bright light which hypnotized people are unable to bear and walk behind trying to protect themselves. Sammohana thinks what kind of light is this and walks away from there. Vrishbhan’s hypnotism breaks and he pleads Narayan for help and asks where is Radha and if she is fine. Radha sees others also getting normal and their skin burning due to light.

She requests weapon to return back as she is unable bear the guilt of harming her dear ones. Krishna enters saying what she did is right. Radha asks how can she harm her dear ones. Krishna says she acted according to situation and use her conscience. Radha says she did right as her father wouldn’t have tolerated hearing that he tried to harm her and she realized that correcting their dear ones is part of love. Krishna says he wanted to hear this and takes back weapon from her body, then snaps his fingers and clears everyone’s burn injuries and get them back to normal. Vrishbhan and Nand say they felt as if they were burning. Krishna says sun was showing his anger today and is very hot. Ugrapath says he is right. Radha says let us go and inaugurate market. Everyone walk away. Radha tells Krishna that his stories and promise of love are good to hear, but very difficult to follow, she felt the difficulty today. Krishna says he is proud of her braveness and their 4th phase of love ends today.

Krishna returns to Balram and laughs that he is enjoying seeing him hypnotised, but he will get more anger if he keeps him hypnotised. He walks away and dehypnotises him. Balram shouts how dare Krishna is to hypnotize is elder brother. Krishna whistles and runs. Balram climbs tree. Krishna asks him to calm down till he returns. Balram asks where is he going now. Krishna says Sammohana. Sammohana walks into jungle fuming on Krishna. Krishna walks in front of her. She asks what is he doing here. He says he knows she accepted her defeat and should perform his task. She asks why should she. He says if she is Sammohana, he is Mohan and can hypnotize anyone. He hypnotizes her, makes her smile and sends her away. Sammohana walks to Kans. Kans excitedly asks if she killed Radha and Krishna. Krishna thinks now Kans will bear his own attack. Sammohana asks who is Krishna and who is Radha, she fell in a beautiful man Mohan’s love and wants to marry him. She hypnotizes Kans. Kans says he will get her married. Ayan realizes Kans is hypnotized and hits him and Sammohana with is gadha. Kans shouts how dare he is to hit him and tries to attack. Sammohana stops him and says it is not Ayan’s mistake, Krishna is very powerful magician and she cannot fight with him. Kans shouts he will kill Krishna.

Precap: Vrishbhan announces that like every year, even this year they will select someone to organize annual event. Ayan asks Kans to make him organizer via his magic, he will end Radha and Krishna.


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