RadhaKrishn 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kans throws love pearls in most depraved halahal hearth or even it cannot damage pearls. Akroor says there must be some different manner to damage them. Kans says even he’s questioning equal, he will spoil love from Radha and could make her damage the pearls.

Balram looks after wedding Chandravali arrangements angrily wondering how can he allow Chandravali marry a thief. Soham from behind thinks him as servant and asks to hold packing containers other side. Balram fumes extra. Radha walks to him and asks if preparations are made. Balram fumes more. Chandravali walks to him and asks in which is Krishna, he promised to arrange her waghdaan rituals. Balram says he went on some critical work.

Krishna returns with his pal and introduces him as Govardan who wants to assist them in Chandravali’s wedding ceremony preparations. buddy greets every body. Chandravali is going to enhance mantap. Radha asks him to accompany her. Govardan asks if he can assist Chandravali in decorating mantap. Radha has the same opinion.

Kans calls Ayan and says he and his mother failed his many plans, even then he spared them, however if this time his plan fails, he’s going to no longer spare them. He suggests love pearls to Ayan and says those are the seeds of love on this planet and they’re damaged, there received’t be any love left on earth and Krishna may be powerless, so Ayan has to make certain that Radha breaks these pearls. Ayan consents.

Radha sees Govardhan looking at Chandravali smilingly and asks if he is aware of Chandravali. He says yes very well from a few years, however she did not pay attention to him and does not understand him at all. She informs Krishna that Govardha is staring at Chandravali frequently. Krishna asks if she desires, he’ll send Govardhan from here. Radha says no want for that as he isn’t always eyeing badly on her. next morning, Radha sees all arrangements performed and asks Krishna why did he took a lot attempt alone. Krishna informs that Govardhan has made all these preparations.

Krishna offers moral gyaan that crow and nightingale appearance similar and nightingale dwells in crow’s nest once in a while, they are able to make difference from a distance, but all through spring nightingale is effortlessly diagnosed with its spell binding voice; in addition one’s deeds must be the benchmark for their differentiation.

Precap: Pandit says one has to examine waghdan patrika/letter to complete waghdan ritual. Chandravali says Radha will examine a few a part of waghdan patrika. Kans says as soon as Radha breaks love pearls, Krishna will be powerless.


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