RadhaKrishn 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Radha performs pooja to inaugurate market. Ugrapath says he feels guilty for not trusting Radha and now he is proud of her. Radha thanks him. Balram tells Krishna that Radha is very humble. Vrishbhan announces that he is going on holy pilgrimage for 6 weeks, so he will announce interim mukhiya/sahayak in his absence. His son Dhama thinks he will be made mukhiya. Balram says monkey Ayan will try to become mukhiya. Krishna says let him try, no one cannot change fate. Vrishbhan tells Radha that Kirtida cannot keep navratri’s fast this time due to ill health, so he wants her to perform fast. Radha agrees. Dhama walks to Vrishban and desires to become sahayak in his absence. Vrishbhan says it will be decided by committee and not him alone. Dhama nods okay and walks away sadly. Vrishbhan thinks he wants Dhama to become helper, but cannot do it alone. Radha hearing their conversation walks to Dhama and promises that her brother will become sahayak tomorrow with everyone’s consent. She walks to Krishna and requests him to make her brother sahayak with his magic. Krishna says he cannot help as it is between father and son’s duties. Radha says she has promised Dhama and Krishna has to help her. Krishna says he can understand her emotions for her brother, but how can he. Radha asks if he will or not. Krishna says he will try. Radha says there is nothing which he can’t do, she is sure he will keep his promise. Krishna says let us go now. Radha asks him to continue his story.

Krishna starts his story about asur raj Raja Bali who was very kind king and used to take care of his citizens well, all his citizens were happy except his wife. His wife says he rules asurs and humans, now she wants him to become devraj this time and rule over even devtas. Raja Bali says he will perform yagna and become devraj. Devraj Indra pleads Narayan to stop Raja Bali’s yagna, else he will snatch my crown. Narayan says Bali may become devraj with his karma and he cannot change destiny, so he cannot help Indra. Indra leaves. Devi Lakshmi asks Narayan if he will let an asur occupy such a highest position. Narayan says he is superior than anyone in the universe and controls it, when his mind doesn’t want to help Indra, how can he promise. Lakshmi says these words don’t suit him and in fact nobody should say he is superior. Narayan this is what he wants to hear from her and promises to stop raja Bali’s yagna. Krishna says he will describes remaining story later. Radha reminds him to make her brother as sahayak tomorrow.

Ayan meets Kans and requests him to make him as Sahayak so that he can kill Krishna easily. Kanas asks what he should do. Ayan says he should keep Krishna away from election as he is the biggest hurdle. Kans assures him that he will somehow keep Krishna away from election. Krishna takes Balram along. Balram asks where are they going as he has to help Radha in the morning. Krishna says they reached their destiny and walking to a brahmin performing pooja says he heard brahmin needs wealth. Brahmin says very much and who are they. Krishna says he is helper #1 and Balram is helper #5, he will give get 1000 gold coins if he informs Kans that even Krishna cannot kill asur Dainikasur. Brahmin asks if he will really get 1000 coins if does that. Krishna says more than 1000 coins. Brahmin leaves. Balram asks Krishna why did reveal Kans that even he cannot kill Dainikasur. Krishna asks him to wait and watch. Brahmin informs Kans about it. Kans orders soldiers to capture him and says if this news is true, he will shower him with gold coins. He orders Dainikasur to emerge and laughs that even Krishna cannot kill him.

Precap: Krishna as brahmin reaches Raja bali. Ugrapath makes Ayan as sahayak. Radha gets angry thinking Krishna broke his promise.


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