RadhaKrishn 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna tells Radha that when there is love in heart, one can win the whole world; to teach this, Narayan and Lakshmi’s 7th avatar came on earth. Radha asks what about 6th avatar. Krishna says Parashuram, Ram and Parashuram’s story are related to each other, Ram is in Parashuram. He starts story where guru Vishwamitra takes Ram and Lakshman to raja Janak’s palace for Sita’s swayamwar. Ram was walking in garden when he sees Sita there and gets mesmerized with her beauty; he feels as if Brahmadev has brought whole world’s beauty in front of his eyes. Radha asks Krishna what happened next. Krishna says Ram and Sita saw each other for the first time and became each other’s at first sight. Radha says looks like its a great story. Krishna says it will remind her of the pure love they feel for each other; the love he felt seeing her which is pure and forever. He then says let us go and find out what decision men have taken.

Radha performs pooja with all Barsana people gathered behind her. Jatila asks what decision men have taken. Nand says no one will participate and even women should back off. Radha says women will not back off and even men shouldn’t. Yashoda backs Radha and says all ladies will sell Kans’ sent items and will sell them before navratri. Vrishbhan says his blessings are with them, but he has to protect men from Kans’ ire. Once everyone walk away, Yashoda shows concern asking how will they sell Kans’ sent items within 9 days. Krishna suggests all women to be courageous and confident and to accept the challenge as devi maa resides in them.

In Kans’ jail, Barsana prisoners plead to free them. Devaki and Vasudev ask if they are from Barsana, have they seen Krishna. They say yes and they are here because of him, Kans wants Krishna and imprisoned them to get Krishna. Vasudev says they did not worry as Krishna will end Kans soon. They all laugh and say he jokes well. Vasudev says they will witness it soon. Kans orders Akroor to send items to Barsana. Akroor says Krishna is a magician and may sell all the stuff easily. Kans says he will send 8 asurs like him to disrupt there.

In Barsana, Yashoda with other ladies sets up stalls in market. Vrishbhan takes all men away saying he wants to protect them and is helpless. Akroor walks in with huge stuff to sell in market and says they have to sell it in 1 day and will get same quantity each day. Radha says it is injustice and Kans is breaking his promise. Akroor says his king doesn’t do injustice. Krishna walks in saying these women resemble devi maa and are powerful to complete Kans’ challenge. Akroor reminisces Krishna defeating Kans’ army and nervously says he is just following his duty.

Precap: Ravan and Ram both seek raja Janak’s permission to lift the bow.


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