RadhaKrishn 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Krishna calls Balram as anuj/brother. Balram says he is his Dau. Krishna says in previous life, he was his anuj Lakshman and he will remind him his avatar. He turns into Ram and Balram into Lakshman. Balram emotionally hugs Ram and says he made him realize his past life at least for seconds. Krishna reminisces Sita/Radha. Balram asks Krishna if will describe Parashuram or Ram’s story to Radha. Krishna says both are same and before he starts his story, he has to complete an important task.

Kans tells Jatila and Ayan that he will call Radha here by asking Barsana people how can they build a big market without his permission and to present the person who built it. His messenger reads message in Barsana. Jatila says Radha built this market and gathered wealth for it. Nand requests not to blame Radha and to meet king Kans with him tomorrow. Radha in her room thinks which story will Krishna describe and asks Shuka how is she looking. Shukha says young and beautiful. She meets Krishna who informs her that Kans is angry on her for building market and wants to meet her, she should tell that he built market as idea was his. Radha meets Barsana panchs. Nand asks if it was her idea. Ugrapath says Radha is his bahu and will not meet Kans to bear his punishment. Radha agrees it was her idea and smiles at Krishna. Ugrapath asks to tell truth. Radha says she will face Kans tomorrow. Once everyone walk away, Ayan acts as angry on Krishna and shouts at Krishna that he boasts as loving Radha, but let her in trouble and let her take his blame on her, he knows its his idea. Krishna jokes how did he find out and asks if he heard about Ardhnareshwar avatar, a man should have even woman’s qualities and he will know about it later. Ayan smirks once Krishna leaves.

Krishna meets Radha and asks why did she take his blame on her. She says she has done so much for him and it is her time now. Krishna offers her Vaishhondevi mata’s idol. Radha asks if he knows mata’s story.. Krishna says who else will know than him. Radha requests to describe her story. Krishna asks her to get ready to listen mata Vaishnodevi’s story tomorrow.


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