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Krishna says today a major section is finished, Radha acknowledged her affection for Krishna. He drops Radha’s tears of adoration in gigantic pit and afterward drops his tears of satisfaction and says this spot will be significant ever of and will be significant. Resident educates Ugrapath that Achyuta needs to meet just Radha. Radha says no one but Achyuta can educate truth and asks Ugrapath to go with her. The two of them stroll into Achyuta’s cabin, and Ugrapath stands up to her how might she hazard her life by battling with asur and immense snake. Achyuta says her end has arrived.

Ugrapath asks not to say that. Achyuta requests that he go out and let her address Radha for a moment. When he leaves, Achyuta says she needed to get some information about Krishna and gives Radha’s last portion of prescription. Radha says in the event that she expends this, Achyuta will leave them everlastingly, so she won’t devour it. Achyuta demands, and Radha expends it. Achyuta says finally she acknowledged that she cherishes her. Radha inquires as to why she is talking in Krishna’s voice. Achyuta requests to take a gander at her cautiously, and Radha sees Krishna in Achyuta and thinks what is she seeing. Achyuta’s spirit gets into a stone. Radha calls everybody and educates Achyuta’s spirit got drenched in this stone. Jatila says in what capacity would this be able to occur. Ugrapath picks stone and says Achyuta was a devout soul and he will manufacture a sanctuary in her name. He leaves reciting Achyuta ji ki jai.

Radha hears Krishna’s bansuri and keeps running into wilderness. She sees Krishna laying bansuri sitting close to a lake. Krishna quits seeing her. She inquires as to whether he is fine. He says he is especially fine and how might he go disregarding her. Radha asks this lake was not here previously, how could it come medium-term. Krishna says this is made of her tears which she shed tolerating her adoration for him. She asks what is he telling. He says truth. She asks how can he realize she shed tears for him. He ask who else can know than him, he has named this spot and since Radha’s adoration for Krishna redeveloped here, he named this spot as Prem Sarovar and this spot will remember Radha and Krishna’s affection until the end of time. Radha argues Krishna to stop as he generally came in one or other structure in her life, she has seen Achyuta in him and she is confounded, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why he is meddling in her life. Krishna says on the off chance that she wishes along these lines, at that point he will leave from her.

Mahadev with Gauri maa hears Krishna’s guarantee. Krishna reveals to Radha that before that as guaranteed he will clarify her profound data of the considerable number of sacred writings, after that he will never exasperate her until she calls him and it is his guarantee. Mahadev tells Gauri maa that Krishna made a major guarantee and in the event that he has made, at that point he will leave from Radha without a doubt; resembles his good Krishna’s aim is something different and they will see Krishna’s new structure.

Jatila with Ayan meets Kans and says Kans’ asur carried out his responsibility and murdered Achyuta. Kans says his asur did not murder Achyuta and it is another person and he needs to discover concealed mystery behind it.

Balram strolls to Krishna and seeing Prem Sarovar applauds him. He says Achyuta’s section finished and even Radha acknowledged that she cherishes just him, what next. Krishna says Radha still needs to acknowledge her affection totally. Balram asks what he implies. Krishna says Radha’s last adventure is as yet not yet finished and once she acknowledges love totally, she won’t be Radha however complete love who will consider just Krishna and this will be Radha’s finish of voyage where Radha will move toward becoming Krishna. On the opposite side, Ugrapath builds up sanctuary of Achyuta’s stone and implores it with Radha, Krishna, and others.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that seeing someone, there is no figuring, else it will be troublesome, one can’t expand love and decline distresses or the other way around; a couple of wrong words will ruin entire relationship; so one shouldn’t get computation seeing someone and there is no issue on the planet which does not have arrangement and they should discover arrangement with tolerance.

Precap: Krishna inquires as to whether she needs to think about Radha and Krishna’s adoration, she needs to investigate Prem Sarovar. Radha sees Krishna in her picture and supposes she has to know krishna’s identity.


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