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Kans indignantly arranges Akroor to execute this winged animal. Shuka consumes Kans’ royal residence and breaks. Akroor says this fowl is all the more dominant and consumed royal residence, envision what Krishna can do, rather than sitting tight for Krishna here, Kans ought to go there. Shuka achieves Krishna. Krishna grins and sends him away. Balram says their Shuka is extremely uncommon to consume Kans’ castle, presently for what reason don’t they slaughter asur winged creature. Krishna says he will utilize asur winged creature to hand-off his message to Kans that he and Radha are still attached even after Radhha wedded Ayan and once he gets Radha totally, he will execute Kans. Asur winged animal comes back to Kans and illuminates same.

Kans yells in indignation and makes ruin. Rishi Durvasa’s follower asks Ayan where are Radha and Krishna. Ayan says he doesn’t think about Krishna, yet Radha is social affair blossoms for Rishi Durvasa. Follower says today they pick their master and even Ayuan ought to pick Rishi Durvasa as his master. Ayan makes vow saying Rishi Durvasa will be his master from hereon. Radha picks blooms in nursery. Krishna quietly fills her container from behind. Radha gets shocked seeing it filling so soon and blows up observing Krishna behind.

Their nok jhok begins once more. The two of them at that point go down. Devotee asks Radha to choose her master. Radha pick Ayan as her master. Ayan says Radha is following her patni dharma, so they ought not blow up. Pupil at that point requests that Krishna pick his master. Krishna says he picks Radha as his master. Supporter blows up and says Rishi Durvasa will revile him. Krishna clarifies that whoever trained him cherish in life is his master, his mom and father who encouraged him adore are his master, Radha who showed him unceasing adoration is her master, he is prepared to acknowledge Rishi Durvasa’s discipline.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that everybody comprehends what love is, normally love creates with fascination and that is regular, however in the event that one

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Precap: Radha washes Ayan’s feet. Krishna asks Radha to allow him to wash her feet. Rishi Durvasa’s supporter yells how could he is to consider washing a lady’s feet.


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