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The Episode begins with Purva contemplating Dadi’s phrases and calls Vedant, but his phone is unreachable. She attempts to open his pc and brands Dadi and Manjula’s call as password. She then tries her call and pc opens. She smiles and locate her p.c on pc wallpaper. She thinks he loves her plenty and she combat with him. Pankhudi sits on Vedant’s chair and appears at his call plate. She says she misses him. She sees Purva’s percent and takes out from the frame. She says your relation could be very weak than this % and says i will vanish your life, and says i like him. She tears the p.c and throws within the dustbin. Pankhudi thinks if her love is actual then Vedant will message him by the time she counts ten. She receives Sanju’s message and thinks of him as villain. Dadi tells that she requested Purva no longer to talk to Vedant approximately the past. Ramesh says Vedant continues to be a garbage for him. Manjula cries loads and her circumstance worsens. Radhika takes her to room. Ramesh tells that they are suffering because of him. Gomti says Vedant isn’t right here and asks who will do the residence work. Ramesh says real son will do and calls Sanju. She gives him list of factors to do. Sanju says Vedant bhaiyya used to do all these items. Ramesh says Vedant is inauspicious and says you’re real son.
Purva looks at Vedant’s p.c and says i love you. She thinks to pick out Vedant like guy for her. Purva imagines her self telling her to make Vedant hers first. She says Vedant has the whole lot which an amazing lifepartner shall have. She says she shall search Vedant like man for Pankhudi as if he is Ram then Sanju is a Ravan.

Sanju comes to a shop and buy grocery objects. save keeper asks him to preserve the bag well and says wheat is falling down. Sanju scolds him and asks him to tie the bag properly. He says Vedant is excellent at Servant’s paintings.

Ramesh desires something and calls Vedant. Purva and Dadi come. Purva asks if he wishes some thing. Ramesh says I don’t need him. Dadi says all of your work is achieved with the aid of Vedant and laughs. Sanju is taking the wheat flour bag and some of it spills on his face. His friend teases him and asks wherein is the bhabhi? they try to check in his car. Sanju says he came alone to get the stuff and asks her to relax. They ask him to show their %. Sanju thinks to show that Pankhudi is his girl friend. Sanju brings wheat flour home. Radhika calls him white rat. Ramesh comes and asks him to return to room and seek his record. Gomti comes and asks for mehendi. Sanju says he had delivered simply wheat flour. Sumiti says Vedant by no means misses a issue. Dadi says he’s Raja Beta. Purva smiles. simply then Manjula shouts calling Bittu after waking up. everyone run to her room. Dadi asks if she were given equal dream? She turns to Gomti and asks if she didn’t forget it, and says you had witnessed the whole thing. Gomti is tensed and excuses herself. She is going to facet and recalls speaking on cellphone even as Bittu and Vedant are playing. She turns and Bittu receives driven and falls on the stairs. Ramesh comes and holds lifeless frame of Bittu. Vedant comes and stands on the steps. Ramesh sees him. fb ends. Gomti thinks nobody shall realize approximately it. Purva involves her. Gomti says she didn’t do it intentionally. Purva thinks what she become telling. She comes to room and thinks of Vedant…..principal hun hero tera plays….

Pankhudi thinks of Vedant and draws heart on the paper. Sanju is dancing in his room considering Pankhudi and falls on mattress.

Radhika goes to college. Narendra asks wherein had been you yesterday and tells that he got here to college the day prior to this. Radhika says she got here early the day gone by as she become having headache, and tells that she will come home by herself. Sanju comes there singing. Dadu asks him to provide Prasad to Pandit ji and make cow eat some thing. Gomti and Sumiti remind him of the paintings to be carried out. Ramesh says he’s going to no longer neglect and is Rajaa Beta. Sanju thinks let Bhaiyya do the work, and thinks they made him Gadha beta. Purva says absolutely everyone is lacking Vedant, however will no longer tell.

Precap: Ramesh asks Sanju to show that he’s real Raja Beta and no longer Vedant. Purva hears him.


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