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The Episode starts with Purva telling that the residence is jungle without Vedant, and says every person misses him, but will no longer agree. Dadi says we all miss him, but someone have to do the work in his absence and says Sanju becomes responsible now. Ramesh asks Sanju to do all of the work. Purva thinks the men whom she is seeing for Pankhudi, shall not be like Sanju. Nurse tells Pankhudi that a person is waiting in Vedant’s cabin. She is going there. a person asks her about her likes. Pankhudi asks if he is mad. guy says our Jodi could be Ram uniting Jodi, and asks her no longer to refuse for marriage. Pankhudi asks him to get out. man says I saw your profile on net. Purva thinks i’m hoping next candidate is first-class. next candidate comes and requires Dr. Pankhudi. He introduces himself as Dr. Chanakya, professor. He says books take us to different global. Pankhudi says todays he had enough, and asks what is the matter? Professor tells that he came seeing her profile on matrimonial website online. Pankhudi says she didn’t make any profile on matrimonial web page and asks him to head. She sees Purva hiding there and is derived to her.

Purva says sorry to Pankhudi. Pankhudi asks why you called those jokers and says I will become Tripathi family bahu, and asks her not to do this again. She says that is about my love and now not a funny story. Purva gets disenchanted. Sanju receives ration from the store and continues in his car. He gets worn-out. He is going to market and buys greens. He falls down. He drinks sugarcane juice preventing at the stall and then sits in his car. He brings all the stuff domestic. Gomti says all work is performed, and says you took a lot time to deliver these things, and says you’ll have are available morning. Sanju says he is tired and sweating. Purva says Vedant do that each day, and i in no way see him worn-out. Sanju says this isn’t always my work. Purva says this is not his work also, and says you are smug and egoistic. Ramesh comes and asks if he came? Gomti says we must positioned potatoes in dal. Dadi says we could have meals without fighting nowadays. She says no person will combat nowadays.

Gomti tells Ramesh that she consents with Purva, and tells that Sanju has emerge as mannerless. Ramesh looks on.

Sanju appears at Pankhudi’s percent and says tomorrow can be yours. Ramesh involves him and says what I want you to grow to be and what you’ve got become. Sanju asks what did I do? Ramesh says you are vain and says you didn’t do any work actually and tells that Maharani instructed that she will now not get her sister marry him. He says Vedant isn’t here, now prove to absolutely everyone that he’s the actual Raja beta and not Vedant. He says in case you do then i’m able to do what you assert. Sanju is of the same opinion. Purva hears them and thinks what sort of man, he is.

inside the morning, anybody hears a person making a song bhajan and thinks if Vedant lower back. they come to corridor and spot Sanju doing aarti and singing. abruptly tape recorder stops. Sanju acts to sing. Sumiti laughs. Purva says Sanju is beforehand of every person via cheat and asks him to go away atleast God. Ramesh says did you notice peace environment right here seeing that your marriage and says Sanju is peace lover. Sanju says God loves devotion of his devotee and gives Prasad. Dadi blesses him. Manjula welcomes him. Gomti asks what befell suddenly. Ramesh says he’s praying for circle of relatives welfare and says we will guide him. He says Sanju is my Rajaa Beta. Purva appears on. Sanju touches all people’s feet. Purva thinks Rajaa Beta is a honour which Vedant earned with his service and Sanju can’t clutch it.

Sanju brings some thing for them to consume. Gomti says they could’t have meals with onion and garlic. Purva brings plain khichdi and tells that vedant marked on the calender about ekadashi. Dadi appreciates Sanju. Purva says Vedant can be satisfied to understand that you are trying to do his responsibilities and says Babu ji has promised you that you may get what you want. Sanju says you will not like my call for. He asks her to have khichdi and says he has work. He messages Pankhudi that he’s coming. Sumiti and Gomti supply him paintings. Ramesh asks him to do his work first. Sanju thinks Vedant bhaiyya shall return fast. Ramesh asks him to get geared up as they are going to health center. Sanju receives happy.

Pankhudi asks Dr. Asthana while Vedant is returning. Dr. Asthana says he informed that he will are available 2-three days. Pankhudi thinks in which did he move. Dr. Rashmi and different physician come to him and congratulate her. Pankhudi says she isn’t always getting married. different doctor tells that they have got visible how the men had been giving audition for husband’s position. Dr. Rashmi offers her excellent desires. Pankhudi sees Vedant’s call plate and says she will be able to marry in the future. Sumiti tells Dadi that she has a few paintings and will come. Dadi says kaam chor..Purva and Dadi smile. Dadi asks Purva about her being right here. Purva says she wants to do paintings. Dadi says what’s his preferred dish? Ramesh calls Manjula. Purva asks if Vedant referred to as? Dadi says just once and tells that once he called you, your smartphone became busy. Purva says can be i used to be on call. Dadi asks about her concept of Pankhudi’s marriage. Purva tells that Pankhudi shouted seeing the men. Dadi says they shall divert her attention being a doctor’s spouse.

Precap: Manjula tells Ramesh that she heard what Purva had stated. Ramesh is about to slap her. Purva says you may be jailed for torturing your spouse.


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