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The Episode starts with Manjula telling Ramesh that Sanju is unfastened at domestic so if he works with Vedant within the hospital. Ramesh says Sanju will not work beneath him. Manjula says Vedant is a superb physician. Ramesh asks her now not to get affect by way of Purva and says she is a naagin. Manjula asks if you dislike Purva so much then why did you settle for Sanju and Pankhudi’s alliance. Ramesh tells that he lied to Sanju to make him work according to him. Sanju hears them and thinks he attempted to make him recognize. Manjula says this is inaccurate. Ramesh is set to slap Manjula, when Purva comes and says she is talking her words and it is known as freedom of speech. Ramesh asks her to head. Purva says what you’re doing is domestic violence, and you can get jailed for torturing your wife. She says in case you want your son to be Raja beta then he wishes to be a good guy, and he can become true through seeing his father. Sanju calls Ramesh. Ramesh leaves.

Radhika comes out of college and meets Prateik. Prateik opens his hands extensive. She hugs him and says sorry for no longer talking. Prateik asks when she will be able to talk to her circle of relatives. Radhika says she will be able to talk. Prateik says we recognize our decision and need to stand through it.

Ramesh and Sanju come to the hospital. Sanju thinks Papa is doing wrong by betraying me. Ramesh asks him to see Vedant’s chair and says you need to sit down right here. lawyer calls Ramesh and tells that he checked the “will” of Dinanath Tripathi/Dada ji and in keeping with it, you can’t get hospital transferred in your call without Vedant’s signatures. Ramesh asks Sanju to come. Sanju says he has some work. Ramesh asks him to return.

Purva comes to restaurant and meets her college pal Mayank. She hugs him. Mayank asks how is her life now? Purva orders do away with parcel. Mayank asks about her sister. Purva says she is right. Purva tells that she is married, and her husband is doctor. He says he is a Vet. She asks him if he were given married. He says he is nonetheless unmarried and desires a physician as a life companion. Purva says Pankhudi is also a medical doctor and asks him to meet her, says she don’t want to marry in the meanwhile. Mayank says he’ll meet her. Purva gets up to go, and sees Radhika hugging Prateik there.

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